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Na'vi Lesson 5b

Now we start to make sentences! No translation, just association. Na'vi words connected to pictures, made for Project Ngaynume. Prezi and all pictures are made by Le'eylan,

Le'eylan forum.learnnavi.org

on 22 November 2010

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Transcript of Na'vi Lesson 5b

Make a sentence out of what you see in the picture. After each slide, there will be an example of what sentence it could be.
Menga lu lekye'ung
_____a ________
Vawma palulukan yerom
l _______ ______it
Ngal tìng txe'lanit
l _______ _______ti
Ngal tìng eltuti
a, ä, e, i, ì, o, u, ew ti
f, h, k, kx, l, m, n, ng, p, px, r,
t, tx, w, y, z, and ' it
l _________ _________ti
Oel tse'a ngati
Ngal tìng eltu

Ngal tìng txe'lan
l ____ _________it
Oel makto palulukanit
Menga lu lekye'ung.
Vawma palulukan yerom.
Ngal tìng txe'lanit.
Ngal tìng eltuti.
Oel makto palulukanit.
Oel tse'a ngati.
Oe terul nìwin.
Kehe! Tsaw lu oeyä kxetse!
Palulukan awok rerol.
Nga ke lu txur, nga lu meyp!
________ nì_______.
Oe terul nìwin
Kehe! Tsaw lu
________ ________!
Kehe! Tsaw lu oeyä kxetse!
____ ____ __________,
____ _______!
Nga ke lu txur, nga lu meyp.
____ ______.
Palulukan awok rerol.
Na'vi Lesson 5b
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