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No description

Kenya Taylor

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of CONNECTICUT

Reason why it was founded
Things to do for fun
There wasn't any religious freedom. They were occupied by the Puritans.
culture of the area
Connecticut was located in the New England colony which was the coldest of the three regions. the summers were short and the winters were long and very cold.
climate & weather
Major events
map of Connecticut
By: Binta & Kenya
It was founded by Thomas Hooker in 1635 for political and religious freedom after a disagreement in with Massachusetts Bay.
New England had a lot of mountains with thick trees. the soil was rocky which made it difficult to farm and infertile for crops. It also had narrow lands and hilly eastern upland.
Pequot war-the settlers of Connecticut won against the Pequot indians
the fundamental orders of Connecticut was believed to become the basis for the later US Constitution
Children sing and play made up games. they also play the same games we've played today like tag hide and seek and hopscotch
Also children and adults made toys out of stuff they found in the house or outside
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