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What is Cloud Computing?

A look at what the "Cloud" is, Cloud Computing and its history. And is this all just re-packaging of what we already do?

Jeffrey Sieben

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of What is Cloud Computing?

Agenda Origins of Cloud Computing "Cloud" What and Why? Cloud Washing - The Hype Machine Cloud Metaphor Represents Servers & Infrastructure Origins in Telephony How we got here Grid Computing Form of Distributed Computing Number Crunching Utilizes Middleware Manager, Scheduler, Agent Lacks Agility, Simplicity, Automation Utility Computing Packages Resources On-Demand Computing Pay for Resources Ad-hoc CPU, Storage, Bandwidth Requires Cloud-like Infrastructure Cloud Computing Hides Complexity of Infrastructure Access via Web/ APIs Computing Handled Remotely Available Anywhere, Anytime Dynamic Provisioning of Resources Incorperates:
SaaS What and Why? Accessability Reduce Client-Side Resources Applications decoupled from hardware Flikr Microsoft Offive Live MySpace.com Box.net MS Exchange Online Issues? Issues Ownership & Privacy Proprietary Systems "Cloud Washing" Re-labelling of current systems How we approach IT, short-term and long-term mindesets
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