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Got7, JYP's hot group

No description

Han Sol

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Got7, JYP's hot group

Got7, Got Got7 (What) Got7, Got Got7(What)
The title is golden, because they're hella dope.
JYP's wild and sexy group
If you guess the maknae right I'll love you forever and always.
The members are: JB, Mark, Jackson
Jr., Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom
Wild and sexy
They debuted in Januray with their song
"Girls Girls Girls"
It's a heartbreaking song about the real
struggles they have to deal with in their every day lives.
Being attractive is such a burden. *sigh*
*whispers* JYP
Introducing the members!
Oldest member Mark
Born some when in 1993
Full name: Mark Tuan
He's probably planning world domination at the moment.
It is a fact that he has started with the kpop world.
One damn cute and handsome rapper, if you ask me (next to Kidoh for sure)
He's known as the flying member.
He's damn cute and has probably more aegyo than the actual Maknae.
Very shy and cute.
Did I mention cute?
*Mark appears on dash*
"Oh hello there, cutie, who you?" - That's how I started with Got7
He is fluent in English and Chinese.
He is one of the foreigners of the group. He is taiwanese, but is actually from LA.
Leadernim JB
Every lady wants a piece of him.
Born 1994
Real name: Lim/Im Jaebum
He's the leader and lead vocalist
He is friends with VIXX.
He seems pretty nice if you ask me, I would want to meet him.
He is the grandpa of the group (?)
He is very dorky and cute.
He debuted in with the JJ Project,
along with Jr.
With Jr. he also had a role in Dream High 2.
He's the visual of the group, bet you didn't think of that.
He's our sexy and chic leader.
*shut up, we got it*
Also a 94 liner
Full name: Jackson Wang
Mood maker of the group.
His image is sexy and wild.
He used to be a professional fencer predebut.
One of the foreigners.
He's from Hong Kong.
In reality he's a dork and an idiot.
He knows how to do martial arts too.
He doesn't like western food, but loves chicken.
He speaks many languages.
He's vocalist, rapper and (?) dancer
Why is his body like that? (What)
a.k.a Junior
He's the gentle one of the group.
He's known as the mother of the group as well.
He's friends with VIXX and as random as Ken probably.
Country Bumpkin
He debuted in the JJ Project (a sub unit of Got7) and he stared in Dream High 2
Very cute.
So cute.
Reminds me of Daehyung to be honest.
Not to be confused with Nu'est's leader JR (Junior Royal)
His speciality is dancing.
94 liner as well.
Real name: Park Jinyoung (that's why he is Junior)
Position: Vocalist
Ships himself with everyone else tbh.
Born 1996.
Full name: Choi Youngjae
Probably the shortest Choi I know. He's ony 175 cm.
Not to confuse with Youngjae from B.A.P
He's one of the main vocalists as well.
In charge of the powerful vocals.
Plays the piano.
One cute fluffer as well.
He was the last member to be announced.
He loves all kinds of food, except of cucumbers.
Shoot, wrong person. DAMN YOU GOOGLE PICTURES
He seems to be pretty cute and innocent to me, but who knows.
Born 1997
Real name: Kunpimook Bhuwakul
3rd foreigner. He's from Thailand.
He has his priorities straight.
Rapper of the group.
He is the master of fanservice.
He thinks he's cute, guhh.
Shortest member actually.
For such a young and small guy, he has had the longest career of them all.
He says his mum gave him that nickname.
Born 1997 as well.
Full name: Kim Yugyeom.
In charge of rap and vocal.
Really, he seems like a really kind person, cares a lot for his Hyungs, good boy.
The Maknae that doesn't look like one.
Just like Changjo actually, but Changjo is mean.
Tallest member of the group.
He's a street dance major (woah)
Actually, he seems pretty normal and okay, I don't have anything stupid to say about him.
He has lots of natrual aegyo.
He thinks he can speak English.
Mark's biggest fanboy tbh.
Such beautiful skin, wow.
Got7 is one dope group.
This was my introduction
They switch between fabulous and dump and cute and sexy. I like.
*Mark screams* JYP
I hope you learned a lot today, with me.
I'll take over the world.
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