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Renaissance Architecture and it's importance

Renaissance Architecture and it's importance


on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance Architecture and it's importance

The Renaissance was a very important era for architecture because during the Renaissance, architecture became so much more than just building. The Renaissance was created because the middle ages was such a dark, depressing time. The people who lived in that era needed change. Architecture played a vital role to the Renaissance and the changes that happened. Without the changes to architecture that happened during the Renaissance, architecture wouldn’t be anything like what it is today. The changes in architecture were due to humanism, new trends/styles of buildings, and art. Humanism was the main reason that the Renaissance started, and it is what fueled the advancements of the Renaissance. Before the Renaissance, most people did not believe that humans were of central importance, but humanism changed that. Humanism is a philosophy that began in the Renaissance, and it states that humans are of central importance. It was very important to the architects who lived in the Renaissance that some were trained as humanists. Architecture in the Middle Ages was strongly influenced by religion and many of the buildings were built to get closer to god. Middle Ages architects were just seen as artisans rather than individuals with unique ideas. Gothic architecture was the main style. Humanism led to the church loosing its influence, therefore causing the idea in people's minds to change to believing that God is important but you should not let religion take over. When this happened, science and technology became the main focus, bringing art and architecture with it. Renaissance architects focused on Classical style buildings, and for that to happen, they must have gone to see Classical style of buildings in Rome like the Pantheon. Going to see these buildings was almost always necessary in an architects’ training. During the Renaissance, building style became much more creative, using a Classical style characterized by mathematical proportions and measurements based on human scale. There were many styles in the Renaissance that all involved straight, harmonious lines. A factor necessary to make these changes from the middle ages to the Renaissance was money. During the Middle Ages, people did not have money to choose how they wanted to build their house, but during the Renaissance people had more money, so they could choose the style of building that they wanted their house to be. During the Renaissance art helped to bring architecture into a new age. This changed from the architecture of the Middle Ages when many architects had the idea that their job was like slave labor. They just built everything the same way. In the Middle Ages everything in a painting would be the same size, so you would not be able to tell how far away or how big or small something was. During the Renaissance architects liked to be thought of as artists. The architect Filippo Brunelleschi invented the new concept of linear perspective, which helped art and architecture depict space much more realistically. Overall the Renaissance saw some of the biggest architectural changes and achievements of all time, and it changed the whole of architecture forever. Middle Ages Renaissance Another factor needed for this change to happen was humanism. Humanism was the idea that humans are of central importance. During the Middle Ages, people believed that the gods were of central importance, but through people like Cosimo Medici, the idea of humanism began during the Renaissance. Humanism changed the way people thought, and that was a major reason why architecture began to change. Because people thought that they were of central importance, they began to commission architects for their own use. Also, humanism caused people to change their view about what buildings were built for. For that reason, people wanted their city to look beautifle, and therfore architects were hired to beautify buildings that were in the city.
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