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Copy of HWB workshop

No description

Anna Lawrence

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of HWB workshop

health and
wellbeing board Principles holistic early intervention 9 health and social care act 2012 Strategy Setting out local needs priorities the engagement 16 April 16 July 2012 433 electronic responses
2300+ leaflets
60 groups Reducing the harm caused by alcohol Opportunity than sum of parts BIGGER greater planning and health integration restricted new takeaways opening
community engagement hot food takeaway steering group Health &
Wellbeing Strategy statutory duty to promote integration 2013-2016 Healthier People Healthier Communities Agreeing priorities Reducing health inequalities wider determinants of health Joint responsibility Joint working Promoting healthy weight and increasing physical activity Reducing the harm from tobacco Healthy Living 1. 3. 2. Fulfilling lives for people with learning disabilities Enhancing quality of life for people with long term conditions Living well with dementia Promoting Independence 4. 6. 5. Supporting carers to care Improving mental health and emotional wellbeing Helping all families to thrive Flourishing Communities 7. 9. 8. CCGs members healthwatch districts community voluntary groups individuals HCC ...everyone's business Health is... "A Healthier and happier Hertfordshire" www.hertsdirect.org/HWB hwb.herts@hertscc.gov.uk You can... Embed Priorities (particularly in those areas which are not your core business) Work With Us Keep Innovating Use Your Workforce (to spread the word) Districts Individuals Voluntary groups Parents Schools Sports clubs Hertfordshire Tell Us What Works life course model Support
Effectively communicate
Promote good practice
Review We will... Health and Wellbeing Board
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