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Jobs Opportunities In Sport Active Leisure

No description

Tanya Cole

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Jobs Opportunities In Sport Active Leisure

Sports Coach , Football Coach ,
School Sports coordinator ,
Fitness Instructor Job Description 1. Planning training programmes.
2.•monitoring the physical condition and mental attitude of those taking part (participants
3.•developing players into effective teams.
Hours:You would usually work in the evenings and at weekends, which is when most people take part in sport.
Pay:Full-time salaries can range from £12,000 to over £20,000.
Part-time rates vary depending on how many people are being coached . the hourly rate can range from £10 to £20.
Qualifications:You will need to have a coaching qualification that is recognised by the national governing body NGB for sport.NGB qualifications are usually at levels 1 to 4 you can get these qulifications by going to collage courses.
Qualities: •1.A sensitive and supportive approach.
2.•The ability to assess and solve problems.
3.•Determination and patience.
Work Related skills:•1.physical stamina.
2.•good spoken communication .
3.•the ability to inspire confidence and motivate participants.
4.•Good organisation. Sports Coach Job Description: Coaching is a very popular occupation. Some persons are professional coaches while others do it for fun or just volunteer their time to help others. A Coach helps athletes and competitors to develop their knowledge and skills to play a specific sport like basketball, rugby, football or athletics. They assess an athlete’s performance and skill level to see what areas they need to work on or develop.
Coaches also prepare training programmes. They include aspects of nutrition and weight training as well, for the whole body development of the athlete. Many Coaches work in educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities. Some are professional Coaches and work for professional teams. Football Coach Pay:The salary for a job holder ranges from £5,000 to £25,000 with bonuses of up to £5,000 depending on the working environment. Coaching at a professional level in certain sports can, of course, attract much higher remuneration Qulifications: People who are interested in coaching sports need to study the technical aspects of a game and how to prepare athletes. To begin your studies in this career you may have a BTEC, GCSE, A levels or HNC/HND. With these qualifications you can go on to study for your Bachelors or Masters Degree equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills to coach professionally. Skills: 1. Motivating
•3.Being focused and amicable
•4.Time management
•5.People management
6.Planning and prioritizing
8.Communication and listening
10.Being enthusiastic and trustworthy Job Description:Fitness Instructors are in charge of creating exercise programmes. They work with people to correct their diet, weight and lifestyle. As an instructor, you will work with a group of clients or an individual client as a personal instructor. This job can be very lucrative and requires endurance, and discipline.
Instructors teach kickboxing, yoga, bosu, Pilates, weights, aerobics and even aquacise. The age of clients varies and these professionals can be found in gyms, health clubs, spas, or they conduct training in clients home. Some work on shifts or full time and the remuneration can be very rewarding. Fitness Instructor Pay: The entry level pay can be anywhere between £12,000 and £14,000 per year.
Some of the fitness instructors that work at gyms earn from around £16,000 to £20,000 in their first year. Some gyms ask personal trainers to pay a monthly fee to work as a freelance trainer at their gym. Qualfications:Having a fitness certification is a great advantage; especially if this is a career in which an individual expects to excel at and reach a wide variety of clients. There are various certifications that offer a specialisation in Fitness Instruction or Exercise.•
1.City & Guilds
6.CTR Skills:1.Communication and listening
2.Diet, nutrition, exercise and health
3.Giving clear and precise guidance
4.Instruction and training
5.Knowing, adhering and teaching safety guidelines
6.Mentoring and approachability
7.Negotiation and discretion
8.Patience and resilience
9.Planning and management
10.Professionalism and motivation Job description: A School Sport Co-ordonator SSCO plays a leading role in the delivery of the Partnership Development Plan for the feeder primary schools in their Cluster. They support colleagues in the delivery of high quality PE and school sport and have a remit to increase sporting opportunities for pupils during out of school hours. They are responsible for the co-ordination and development of after school activities and local community links in their own school and partner primary schools School Sports coordinator Qulification: A teaching degree. A good teaching background in PE, a wide range of activities.
1. Work with children across all ages to get a good understanding of them - developmentally & socially
2. Gain an understanding and experience of how to run and organise different sports events and tournaments for a variety of sporting activities and age groups .
3. Deliver activities and ideas to your colleagues/peers and get feedback. Keep up to date with the National Curriculum and other initiatives. Pay:£15 000 - £19 000. (Qualified Teacher Status + equivalent TLR 2a or Recruitment retention allowance Pro-rata). By Tanya Louise Cole 18Th September 2012
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