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Intro strategyworkshop - Internationalisation Strategy Workshop, Autumn 2018, Mallorca, Spain

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Mika Saarinen

on 1 October 2018

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Transcript of Intro strategyworkshop - Internationalisation Strategy Workshop, Autumn 2018, Mallorca, Spain

by the NAs from Hungary,
the Netherlands, Spain and Finland

Sept 30 - Oct 3, 2018, Mallorca

Internationalisation Strategies in Vocational Education & Training
The strategy context
Get together: dinner & ice breaking game(s)
Welcome & orientation to the training
1. Intro to topic and context analysis
exercise: country contexts
exercise: international activities at institutional level
2. Intro to strategic planning
case study ES and reflection
3. Setting strategic goals
exercise: dreaming session
exercise: timeline
strengths, needs and challenges of target groups
case study FI
institutional strategic goals
4. Formulating an action plan
5. How to implement and follow-up strategy
influences of institutional culture
how to build a strategy process back home
Wrap up
European (meta)strategies
Global issues and developments
Reflection & peer learning on questions like:
How can international activities support the improvement of our curricula, learning outcomes and institution?
How can we best prepare our students for the future world of work?
What skills do teachers and staff need to internationalise?
How can we make international activities truly part of our daily work?

Work on a common strategic approach that will help you set up and/or strengthen your institution’s policy on internationalisation.
Current worldevents also matter...
The Copenhagen process since 2002
The Riga Declaration 2015 - 2020
Europe 2020 strategy
Education and Training 2020
Country specific targets
Education and Training Monitor
Improving quality and attractieveness of VET
Increasing mobility
European and international cooperation
The Alliance for Apprenticeships
The ECVET reviews
Other players...
OECD's Learning for Jobs
CEDEFOP's research and studies
European Training Foundation on third country cooperation
European strategies
National strategies
Local needs
World of work
Institutional strategy with international component
Learning Outcomes
After the training the participant:
1) has an understanding of the
general value of strategic planning
, strategy structures and the issues and processes involved
2) has knowledge of
what strategic planning and approaches can bring to the field of internationalization and mobility
and the ability to link that with the development of an institution
3) r
ealises what role the strategy process plays in making a strategy a shared vision
and coming alive in an institution
4) is
able to set up the next steps
needed in their own institution to go on
a ‘strategy journey’
that works for their institution and fits their own context
5) is acquinted with
to measure processes
and results

The Skills Agenda 2017
The Paris declaration

The world of work...

Increasing attractiveness, workbased learning, quality
The renewed Europass Framework
EU paper on globalisation 2017
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