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No description

Lynsie Deibert

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Architect

Architect Lynsie Deibert Outline Job Description Salary, Benefits, and Job "Perks" Facts Personality Type - ESTJ Education Works Cited Job Description
Salary, Benefits, and Job "Perks"
Personality Type - ESTJ
Works Cited Design the structure of buildings
Estimate cost and building time for
Talk with clients to discuss the design
of the building
Visit construction sites to assure the
building follows the architectural
plans The average salary of an architect in
Pennsylvania is about $82,620.
-The salary will vary depending on where you live.
A job benefit is that some firms pay
tuition for employees to go back to school. An architect needs to attend five
years of school at an accredited college.
They also need to complete an
internship and pass the Architect
Registration Exam.
Some schools to attend are:
-Penn State University
-Temple University
-Drexel University
Jobs for architects are expected to
grow faster than the average through
This job requires many long hours
to meet the deadlines.
-There is a lot of overtime involved
in being an architect. Extravert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging
ESTJ is a supervisor; responsible,
confident, organized, and focused.
Architects must be focused on their
work to be sure there are no errors.
They also need to be organized and
reliable to get projects completed on

Bureau of Labor and Statistics
Pennsylvania Career Zone
Human Metrics Jung Typology Test
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