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Big SQL Overview

Big SQL brings the power and ubiquity of SQL to the world of Hadoop so you can use your SQL skills and existing JDBC / ODBC tools to easily query and analyze heaps of big data. This prezi provides a 30 thousand foot overview of Big SQL technology.

Rav Ahuja

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Big SQL Overview

Big SQL SQL for Hadoop SQL Queries Next Steps Get Access Online Course Performance SQL Support Interoperability Features Why SQL for Big Data Architecture Big SQL = SQL for Big Data What is Big SQL? Accessing big data in Hadoop requires tedious programming skills for Map Reduce jobs

SQL is widely used in relational world - can make big data analysis accessible to masses

Existing SQL for Hadoop technologies have numerous limitations - data types, query syntax support, poor performance Native SQL technology for Hadoop and HBase - by inventors of SQL (IBM)

Comprehensive SQL support (ANSI SQL 92+), data types, etc.

Optimized for big data sets - high performance and low latency Full function OBDC & JDBC drivers: Prepared Statements, Cancel Support, Authentication, SSL

Access data from varied data sources - Hive tables, HBase, CSV files, JSON, etc.

Leverages Hive Catalogs ANSI SQL 92+ & standard SQL syntax

Supports variety of Joins, Nested Subqueries, Windowed Aggregates

Numerous datatypes including varchars, decimals

Lots of built-in functions; extend with macros, UDFs, UDTF, UDA Built for the open source Hadoop environment on top of Hive infrastructure

Designed for use with existing SQL Queries with little or no modifications

Use standards compliant (JDBC / ODBC) tools e.g. Cognos BI, Eclipse, SQuirreL

JSquish for command line interface Multi-threaded, Scalable - have multiple Big SQL servers in the Hadoop cluster

Optimizer can leverage MapReduce parallelism or direct access (local mode)

Run point queries with real-time response i.e. milliseconds No need to download or install anything

No-charge Cloud environment to test-drive and learn hands-on

Complete with Hadoop and Big SQL pre-installed and pre-configured

Sign-up for access:
http://BigSQL.IMDemoCloud.com Free course on Big Data University

Learn SQL access for Hadoop and HBASE

Includes Hive and Big SQL

Watch videos and perform hands-on exercises

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