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Oberon and Theseus

No description

A Hastie

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Oberon and Theseus

Theseus and Oberon - Characters with power
L.O To explore how Shakespeare's use of language enables us to understand his characters.
Write down five of the most used words or phrases you use in daily life (no swearing!)
Now imagine you are a headteacher, write down five words or phrases that you imagine they use each day.
Compare your lists, what do they tell us about the speakers?
As a class you read the part of the powerful Theseus (the part where it say 'pupils', Mrs Toze will be Hermia) remember to say it all together.
Imagine you are Hermia:
Which words in Theseus' speech worried you? Why?
Do you think the Duke Theseus will keep his word and put you to death?
What would Hermia think about Theseus as a leader?
Oberon - King of the fairies
(A different kind of leader?)
How does Oberon's speech make you feel?
Compare the rhythm of Theseus' and Oberon's speeches, how are they different?
What words would you use to describe Oberon?
Who is more powerful Oberon or Theseus?
What has made you come to that decision?
What are the similarities and differences between Theseus and Oberon?
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