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Time line

No description

Ryan Duda

on 30 April 2018

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Transcript of Time line

Missouri compromise
November 6th, 1860
Compromise of 1850
January 29, 1850
Fugitive Slave Act:
September 18,1850.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin:
March 20,1852.
Kansas Nebraska act
Nat Turner's Rebellion
August 21-23, 1831
Bleeding Kansas:
May 30, 1854
Time line
Ryan Duda
By Henry Clay this made Maine a free state, but now Missouri was a "slave" state. The problem is Missouri is a lot bigger then Maine, also set a boundery line that said what could have slavory and what could not
Nat and other slaves killed 56 to
60 people in a rebellion in South
Hampton Virginia
Solved the slavery problem and divided the land gained from the Mexican-American war. madeCalifornia a free state, and created Utah and New Mexico Territory. The compromise also ended the slave trade in Washington D.C.
allowed anyone being suspected of a runaway slave to be sent back
A book, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. The book could of caused the civil war because people read it right before the war started.
Pro slaves went to the state to vote slavory in enede up in a huge fight
a bill that mandated popular sovereignty. Bill allowed settlers in a new state decide if they want slavery or not
Brooks attack Sumner
May 22, 1856.
Representative Preston Brooks used a cane to attack senator charles sumner. He gave a speech “The crime against Kansas.”
Dred Scott case
March 1857,
a slave living with his owner in a free state went to missouri a slave state. He believed that his time in a free state should give him rights but the court argued that he was still a slave with no rights.
Lincoln Douglas Debate
Lincoln and Douglas had very intense debates when fighting for office. They debated slavery, state rights and secession.
Raid on Harpers Ferry-
October 16, 1859
John brown leads a small group to raid a federal armory in west virginia. The next morning U.S marines surrounded them and killed 10 of his men. He was tried for treason and was executed.
Election of 1860
November 6,1860.
Lincoln against Douglas. Lincoln had received 40% of popular votes and 180 electoral votes.
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