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Cold War Hot Spots

No description

Lisa Healow

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Cold War Hot Spots

Israeli Independence
Using the questions and map below, analyze the Israeli independence telegram you have been given.
Chiang Kai-Shek v. Mao Zedong
Middle East
Arab-Israeli Conflict
May 14, 1949
Palestinian Arabs invade Israel. Fighting between the two nations continues today.
Cold War Hot Spots
38th parallel
North Korea invaded South Korea
US-backed South Korea pushed back past the 38th parallel
China-backed North Korea pushed back to 38th parallel
July 1953 - armistice reestablished 38th parallel
Under Nazi Rule
Jewish refugees escape Germany and settle in Palestine
Fighting breaks out between Jewish immigrants and Palestinians
Britain restrict Jewish immigration to Palestine
February 1947
Britain turns control of Palestine over to newly-created United Nations
November 29, 1947
U.N. passes Palestine partition plan; Palestinians move troops to Palestine border
May 14, 1948
Israel proclaims independence
United States recognizes Israel as an independent country
Jewish population in Europe begins petitioning for a Jewish national home in Palestine
League of Nations appoints Britain to rule Palestine and work to establish a Jewish nation
What kind of document is it?
Who wrote it?
To whom is it addressed?
Does it have any historical significance?
Why do you suppose the document was at one time classified "top secret"?
Write a paragraph describing how you, a U.S. consul from the highlighted city, might have reacted to receiving this document.

defined: the state of political and military tension and hostility between the Eastern bloc and the Western bloc
no large-scale fighting between two sides, but many

proxy wars
defined: war instigated by a major power which does not itself become involved
"An iron curtain has descended across [Europe]"
-Winston Churchill

Berlin Blockade
June 1948-May 1949; Soviets blocked off all land, rail, and water routes to West Berlin - left West Berliners without necessary supplies
Berlin Airlift
Western countries used airplanes to supply West Berlin with needed cargo until the blockade was lifted
Berlin Wall
August 13, 1961; East German government began building a wall of barbed wire and concrete, makeshift wall completed in two weeks, enclosed West Berlin; 171 people killed trying to escape; wall fell November 9, 1989
Reunified October 3, 1990
April 27, 1978 - Soviet-supported Communist government overthrew government of Afghanistan - unpopular with Afghans because of laws that went against Islam
Mujahideen ("strugglers") began to rebel against the new government; Soviet Union sent 100,000 troops to help the new government
1982 - Mujahideen controlled 75% of country, 4 million Afghans had fled
When Soviets began bombing the country, United States sent weapons and training to Mujahideen
1988 - Soviet troops began to withdraw, 1992 - rebel groups took over the Afghan government
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