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Firas Qumsieh

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of King/Queen

Barons / Noblemen
Barons are the high people right below the king. In exchange for the fiefdoms they got, barons would supply the king with knights.
The King owned all the land in the country, and was at the top. They would give Barons land, called Fiefdoms for their support in a war. They followed the Magna Carta.
Barons, when they would get their manor, would give a hefty amount of their land as reward in their battles.
The Knights, who got land as payment, would pay back by protecting the manor and serving as an army as needed. If you were a peasant this could be the only way to get higher.
The knights, with their power, would provide peasants with a cruck house and a strip of land to farm, as well as their protection from the outside.
The Peasants, who would become the knights vassal, would farm the land for their lord and provide food and a small amount of taxes in exchange for their protection. Peasants make up ~90% of the Fiefdom.
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