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Wright brothers

No description

Brielle Mendez

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Wright brothers

Wright brothers
Biography of the Wright brothers
Main Idea
In this presentation, you'll learn all about...
The Wright brothers' achievements
Their family history
What they are known for
The struggles they encountered
How it changed our world
and much more...
reason they are famous

Why they wanted to go into aeronautics
early life for Wilbur
Early life for Orvlle
Orville and Wilbur Wright were the brothers to build the world's first successful airplane and make it able to hold a human. Making a drastic change in our world.
Orville Wright
Wilbur Wright
Wilbur and Orville are two out of seven siblings. Wilbur
was born in Indiana in 1867. While Orville was born in
Ohio in 1871. In elementary school, Orville was mischief
and expelled once.
When the brothers were boys, their father who was a bishop and traveled often, came home and gave a present to his two younger sons. It was a toy helicopter. Orville and Wilbur were absolutely fascinated with it and played with it until it broke. After getting a real taste of their calling in life, they built their own toy helicopter.
In 1884, the Wright family moved from Indiana to Dayton
Ohio. Due to the move, Wilbur was not able to graduate
with his high school class and never got his diploma. The
next year, Wilbur was struck in the face with a hockey
stick and knocked out his two front teeth. He became
self-conscious and stayed in more. He never went to Yale as
planned. Instead, for the next few years, he helped his
mother who was sick with turberculosis.
The wright house on 7 hawthorne st, Dayton Ohio
Wilbur and Orville built the front porch in
the 1890's.
Orville dropped out of High school after his junior year and chose to start his own print shop in 1889. Wilbur joined and they both started a weekly newspaper, the West Side News. The Wrights tried a lot of different newspapers. One was, The Evening Item. They even had another called the Dayton Tattler and famous african- american poet and writer, Paul Laurence Dunbar edited it for a brief time.
The bicycle craze
They left the print shop and went on to the bicycle craze. They opened up their own repair and sales bicycle shop in 1892. They ended up making their own brand, The Wright Cycle Company. They used their shop to fund the money for their interest in flight.
Ideas of control
One of the Wright Cycle bikes on display at the National Air and Space Museum
The beginning of it all
In 1896, three different men did astounding things in the area of aviation. The brothers saw that there was three things that were imperfect in all of the experiments of flight. Wings, engine, and control. The normal strategy with experiments and gliding was that the men would shift their body to turn. Wilbur and Orville went in a different direction than this. Wilbur observed the way birds changed direction with the tip of their wings. They took this into deep thought. They racked their brains on how to incorporate it into man-made wings. Until, Wilbur discovered wing-warping. This consisted of pulleys and wires controlled by the pilot to turn the plane.
Diagram of Wing- Warping.
First kite
Wilbur and Orville put wing- warping to the test when they built their first biplane kite. They traveled to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to begin their manned gliding experiments. With it's soft wind and sandy landing surface, it was rather remote isolating them from reporters. They built their kite with the original "double decker" style that proved successful for others. Wilbur did all gliding till 1902 to protect Orville from getting injured and having to explain it to their father.
Gliders in the 1900's
Throughout the next three years, the brothers did all different kinds of experiments. They found instead of sitting on the glider, it would be more helpful to lay flat. After 1,000 different gliders and kites, they were finally ready to build their own powered flying machine. They named it "the flyer" and go on to work on it's lightweight engine. After contacting multiple engine manufacturers with no luck, they had their own shop mechanic build one for them. The flyer cost less than a thousand dollars to build. 605 lb, 40 ft wings and a 180 lb engine, it was complete.
THe flyers
Taking the flyer out to do the very first test , the men
ran into problems with the engine and the wings. As a result,
the first flight was a bust and was partially a success. When
tested, it only flew in the air for a short amount of seconds
by itself. The next year, 1904, they built another flyer and
named it "Flyer ll". Inviting reporters to come out and watch
it's first flight, the weather was against them and stayed
that way for about 4 days. Majority of the reporters left.
Some believe that this is what the brothers wanted. They
didn't want press at this time and this was the prefect way
to not get it.
Final success
In 1905, they built another flyer, "Flyer 111". With this plane, Wilbur made the longest flight wit 38 minutes and 3 seconds up in the air. When the press showed up the next day, the Wrights declined to fly convinced they had built the plane they could now sell. They only flew once after October 5, fearing someone might steal their ideas. Trying to get a contract from U.S, Britain, Germany, France to sell their idea but were only turned away because they wanted to sign before giving a demonstration. Finally, a France army lieutenant saw the 1905 flyer in action when Wilbur sent out a model. He set up a meeting for Wilbur to present his case in front of the U.S board of Ordnance and fortification. The U.S army finally gave the brothers funding.
The contract with the U.S Army and France stated different conditions and terms. So, Wilbur sailed for France and Orville traveled to Washington D.C. In France, Wilbur presented many demonstrations of his capabilities as a pilot. Swirling in figure 8's and doing circles in the air amazed people and anyone who ever doubted the brothers gave their apologies. In the matter of days, the Wright Brothers were world famous. Leon Bollee lent his automobile fatory to Wilbur to assemple a new Flyer. Wilbur promised Leon Bollee's pregnant wife that the day her baby was born would be the day he made his first European flight, which he did August 8 1908. Meanwhile, Orville was demonstrating in Washington. One of his flight ended terribly wrong and crashed. His passenger which he was required to have suffered a fractured skull and died later on while Orville had injuries of 4 broken ribs and a broken left leg. 12 years from then, he would have severe pain from the accident everyday.
Ending for The wright brothrs
They eventually sold the patent of their company for $100,000 and a stock in million dollar investment. They opened up their own flight school where 15 pilots were trained with Wilbur and a crew. Many of those rose to their names and became recognized names in aviation history.

Wilbur died at the age of 45 due to typhoid fever in 1912. Orville rose to become president of the company but sold it in 1915 because he believed there was no company without his brother. Orville dies in January of 1948 after his second heart attack. Both brothers are buried in Dayton, Ohio.

Their legacy still shining on.
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