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credit acceptance

No description

patrick lane

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of credit acceptance

COLLECTION Partner Results PORTFOLIO PROGRAM NOW LATER No Up Front (Except from down payment) Later 1967 Don Foss opened his 1st car lot. 1972 Credit Acceptance was founded 1982 C.A.C. began to partner with dealers 1992 I.P.O. opened
NASDAQ: CACC 2001 CAPS was introduced to dealers 2007 West Coast Training Center opened (Service Ctr in 1999). 2008 Opened Southfield Servicing Center C.A.C is NOT A Bank
An over-advance program
A "get-rich-quick" program
An instant Billionaire maker
For every type of dealer Credit Acceptance Corporation (CACC) 92.80 +0.44 (+.048%) as of 12-12-12 5:51am CST Little money down
Low to zero credit score Has $6000 to put down
No phone Complete ghost
No co-signer What C.A Offers 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval
No turndowns
Automated approvals
Dealer controlled financing
Non-recourse Why Partner with Credit Acceptance? Non-Recourse
CRM Tool
Repeat & Referral Sources
Dealer Controlled Financing
Unparalleled Dealer Advance Program
Guaranteed Approval within 30 seconds and Receive an up-front advance and share principal and interest of payments collected. You control the financing and assign the contract to us for collection. This is, by far, our most popular program. Receive a monthly check as we collect payments for your dealership. Use this program when you cannot provide the proof of stipulations needed to receive an advance. Receive a check beginning with your customer's first payment! Purchase Program All the upfront Receive a higher up-front advance now, but no share of future collections. This tends to work well for newer, low mileage vehicles when additional cash flow is required now! Customer Rating Dealer Rating Deal Structure How we calculate the advance Advance Calculation Variance determines Dealer Rating (1-6) - = Actual Collections Performance Expected Collections Preformance Variance Sally Tolentino & Jenny Deleon, L.A. Motors, Inc. (NV)
We love working with Credit Acceptance. We can say "yes" to every customer and our contracts fund in a day.
Stuart Landsverk, Arizona Car Sales (AZ)
The Credit Acceptance program allows us to be a Buy Here, Pay Here dealer without the capitalization, to help consumers with credit problems, and to participate in the performance of those accounts. If you are looking to pursue Buy Here, Pay Here (or get out of it), Credit Acceptance is the way to go. They are the best at what they do...period. Dominic Salazar, Wicked Motor Cars (NM)
Credit Acceptance allows us to bring in customers we couldn’t reach before. Our message at Wicked Motor Cars is, ‘We don’t care about your past, but we do care about your future.’ Because pulling in customers based on the visibility of our lot is a challenge, the ability to build our online presence around this message on our website allows us to be successful. Our Dealer Partners What is a Pool? What is an Express Check? 20% Collection Fee 1 2 3 1 + 2 + 3 = Total Profit of $2,320 1. Up-front Advance, Average $1,200 2. Portfolio Profit Express, Average $280 3. Portfolio Profit, Average $840 The Portfolio Transaction A set of contracts (minimun 100)
This is a section of your portfolio Why? To spread the risk
Accelerate future Portfolio Profit A portion of your pool's projected profit
Your 1st pool requires 6+ months of business Dealer Preferred Option Basic Option How Do I Become a Dealer-Partner? Up=front Investment of $9,850
Dealer Rating of 3
POS Marketing Package
You keep 100% of the 1st PPE check No up-front Investment
Dealer rating of 4
Limited POS Marketing Package
SPLIT 1st PPE check The Program and Process = Text "cac" to 72727 2012 CAPS 2.0 is introduced
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