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Local Digital Bundle

sales training material for Journal Register Company

Tatiana Burdiak

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Local Digital Bundle

What is your monthly audience? A NEW IDEA... Print? Online? Combined? How much revenue do we generate from print? How much do we generate from online? WHY?!? What do we need to do in order to balance this ratio? LOCAL DIGITAL BUNDLES
Internet Advertising Made Easy THE DIGITAL BUNDLE
INCLUDES... Newspaper.com Display ads
Along with AND VIDEO ADVERTISING SHOWCASE Value Statements: "local online display ads on a trusted/reliable newspaper site can either,
boost traffic
brand recognition
or increase sales for your business." 57% view local newspaper website as the TOP online source for local information. - comScore 2009 SIMPLY Choose a Category
Travel (ad only appears in the yellow) Value Statements: "effectively supports your brand and message of your campaign by extending your reach to an audience that is looking for your products and services."
Nationally, newspapers (including print & online editions) plus Yahoo! reaches 88.8% adults.
-Scarborough 2009 1-2 minutes video about the business

keep it simple
this is low-cost but high-quality
Play to the ego!
Remember that video reinforces and is a great call to action
Have the voice over match the images being shown.

Value Statements: "video showcase ads provide a personal branded message from your business to your local customers." 86% of the total US online population viewed video content.
- comScore 2010 SO.... What is the breakdown? PACKAGE INCLUDES:
20,000 impressions on 'newspaper.com'
20,000 impression on Yahoo!
Video Advertising Showcase

$590/mo - 12 month bundle
$655/mo - 3 month bundle
$700mo- 1 month bundle We went throught the FEATURES, so what are the BENEFITS? ITS ALL ABOUT THE AUDIENCE:

300,000 unique visitors
Maximizing your print campaign
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