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145th Street Short Story By: Walter Dean Myers

No description

Levell Solomon

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of 145th Street Short Story By: Walter Dean Myers

145th Street Short Story By: Walter Dean Myers
The Streak
Angela's Eyes
The Fighter-Billy
The Baddest Dog in Harlem
Big Joe
145th Street is about different stories with different people that all share one thing; They live in Harlem.
Big Joe's owns his famous Bar-B-Que & Burger Restaurant
He planned his own fake funeral while he was very alive.
Big Joe is a tall, dark skinned man with white hair. He is described as distinguished looking
He had some conflict with Peaches, his girlfriend's daughter, because of the funeral.
At the end of the "funeral", Big Joe popped out the casket, and everyone headed to Big Joe's restaurant. The neighborhood had a big celebration for him.
Billy Giles has fought in the ring before causing his wife to be cautious of him.
This time he kept his fighting matches a secret, so Billy won't cause problems.
One night, Billy had match against Manny. Billy was concerned with getting knocked out. He had a good streak first, but soon he faced his one fear-knock out.
After the match, Billy received the money he needed, but going home was a problem. His wife, Johnnie Mae, knew what he was doing when he walked in all beat up and broken.
He was
Although, Johnnie Mae cared too much that she just helped him settle in.

Angela's father died.
It was said that Angela had her father's eyes.
People believed Angela can foretell the death of people with her dreams.
Angela dreamed about Poli taking the place where her father died. Then all of a sudden he died.
Titi made a big scene when she got drunk at a party. Titi made its seem that if Angela looked at her she'd dream about her dying. , and it'd happen.
At the end, Titi apologized. Everything finally blew over. Although, Angela still had bad dreams, it wasn't spoken of anymore.
Jamie had a case of a bad luck streak, and wanted to ask Celia to the dance. Soon, he began to receive good luck, but his luck was running out so he thought.
After all, Celia was the one who asked Jamie to the dance. She claimed to be having a case of good luck.
Kitty & Mack: A Love Story
A Christmas Story
A Story in Three Parts
Block Party-145th Street Style
Kitty is a good student with good grades.
She fell in love with Mack, which shocked many people.
She was well-known to go to college and make a successful career.
She chose to stay and take care of Mack instead.
Mack is a jock who doesn't care about others.
He is cocky about himself, but soon fell in love with Kitty.
Mack faced an injury from a drive by and his foot was cut off.
This caused him not to play sports and be in a depression.
Mack after a while left his depression. He received a artificial foot to walk. He soon went to speak with Kitty.
Big Joe and his guys were sitting outside the restaurant when the police pulled up and said, they got a call of someone having a shoot out on the block.
People started to crowd around when they noticed the police.
The police opened fire when some one said, there's the suspect and everyone dropped to the ground
The police started shooting up an apartment where no one was located. A lady came down screaming about them shooting a her. Once the police got to the apartment, they notice they killed a dog and soon a little boy.
An new officer named O'Brien patrols the streets of Harlem.
He hears about an elderly named named Mother Fletcher.
He soon meets her when she feels sick and needs an ambulance.
Monkey man was always quite and never got into anybody else business.
He got his name because he'd go to the park to climb a tree and read a book all day.
Monkey man got into some problems with the TIGROS, who were a new gang that was trying to build a rep. in the hood.
One of the girls from the group tried to assault Peaches and Monkey man jumped in and helped her fight the girl off.
Now the TIGROS were planning to beat up Monkey man for helping.
Monkey man got tired of running and hiding that he chose to tell them to meet him at the park.
Once the fight began at the park, Monkey man didn't fight back which caused the TIGROS to become confused. The TIGROS then stop trying to hurt him and left.
Big Joe asked peaches mother, Sadie, to marry him and peaches stated that he had some nerves to ask her that.
Sadie said yes because it had been along time since the last time she was married, and that she wasn't getting any younger.
Their first date was at the street fair and Sadie thought it was so sweet of Big Joe.
To show her thanks, Mother Fletcher knitted officer O'Brien a sweater.
He went to say thanks and she sent his wife one as well.
Mother Fletcher invited Officer O'Brien and his family to her house for dinner on Christmas.
Officer O'Brien chose to take his family to Mother Fletcher's house for Christmas. Officer O'Brien and his family brought happiness to her. While Mother Fletcher taught the family about sharing.

Part 1
Big Time always asked for money, and she'd give it to him.
This time she told him a story of a woman named Doll who was a slave with children.
Her wish came true and she was not traded.
Her kids were being sold, though, so killed her children, so they wouldn't be slaves.
She took the money and left.
once everyone got to the fair, Leroy plugged in his jams and everyone started to dance and hang around.
then J.T. showed up and everyone was upset because they didnt want him there

Part 2
Big Time knows someone named Sweet Jimmy who's a drug supplier.
Big Time pays sweet Jimmy to injected Big Time, so Big Time can get high.
They soon begin to talk about the S.A.T.'s
Big Time talks with a little boy named Benny. After a moment, the side of the building is one fire. Big Time and Benny escape, but that changes Big Time to o something with his life.
J.T. and Peaches were arguing and Big Joe tried to help solve the problem. J.T. got mad at him and told him to stay out of it. Then J.T.'s mom jumped in and forced them to stop because there arguing was unnecessary and not caused for. She stated that they needed to be friends. In the end Sadie and Big Joe got married, Peaches and J.T. were friends and everything was back to normal. Everyone were friends.
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