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Great Depression

No description

David Jackson

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Great Depression

The Great Depression
Quintin Wilber
David Jackson
Cassidy Fannin
Ben Vroman
Erin Edwards
Basic Facts about the Great Depression
Poor people lived is shantytowns called hoovervilles.
Zippers were used a lot because buttons were to expensive
The average income dropped 40%
Unemployment was about 25%
Monopoly was a famous game
The three little pigs originated during the depression
People killed their live stock rather than let them starve to death
California started bum blockades to stop migrant workers
It all started on Black Tuesday
Popular things during Great Depression
Gone With the Wind, a popular book written Margaret Mitchell during the Great Depression which later become a popular classic movie that premiered in 1939.
The Wizard of Oz was an immense success in 1939. The movie follows a girl in Kansas whose family has fallen into hard times, which relates to the Great Depression.
With little money to spend on entertainment families enjoyed the games of "Monopoly" and "Scrabble" which were first sold in the 1930's.
Hoover Administration During the Great Depression
The Hoover Administration promised that the Great Depression would run it's course and fix itself.
Later this proved to be fatal, because it did not fix itself and got extremely worse.
By 1930, 4 million americans looking for work could not find it. By this time the industrial production also diminished by at least 50%.
Bread lines and soup kitchens were also put in place to help feed the almost 10 million without jobs.
Farm production rate also dropped significantly because the farmers could not afford to harvest the crops and had to let them rot.
Entertainment During Great Depression
In 1933 the movie king kong came out.
For board games monopoly and scrabble.
For card games such as whist pinochle, canasta and bridge came out.
If you were a sport person the popular sport was baseball.
Although the Great Depression was a hard time for a lot of people, they always found a way to have fun.
Having fun didn't have to cost any money, everything was homemade-The food, the games the music.
Traditional organized activities such as football and rodeo were very popular as well.
Popular culture was alive and well at the movies and in music and dancing.
The radio connected country people and gave them an ear to the world. People liked listening to sports and news, as well as jazz and swing music.
In the fall of 1930 a wave of banking crisis panics began.
Hoover gave out loans to the banks to try and support the banks and businesses so they could hire back employees.
As time went on Hoover lost popularity with millions of americans due to his approach on how to deal with the great depression.
In the end this strategy never worked and after all his efforts President Hoover lost the election to Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Having Fun in the Middle of the 1930s
The three little pigs originated during the depression
People killed their live stock rather than let them starve to death
California started bum blockades to stop migrant workers
It all started on Black Tuesday
the most popular music was jazz
the unemployment rate went from 3% to 25%
13 million people lost there jobs
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