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Getting to the Money with Millennials

Speaking Millennial-ese and Adding Value to the Likes

Jessica Aleksy

on 18 September 2017

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Transcript of Getting to the Money with Millennials

The Problem with Millennials
Talk Millennial To Me
Getting to the Money with Millennials
"Today's generation has trouble making decisions, they would rather hike in the Himalya's then climb the corporate ladder. They have few heroes, no anthem, no style to call their own. They crave entertainment, but their attention span is shorter than ever... They hate yuppies, hippies, and druggies. They postpone marriage because they dread divorce. They sneer at Range Rovers, Rolexes, and Red Suspenders.
What they hold dear are family life, local activism, national parks,
penny loafers, and mountain bikes. They possess only a hazy sense
of their own identity, but a monumental preoccupation with all the problems that the preceding generation will leave for them to fix."
The Unsexy Truth About Millennials?
They're poor.
Meet the Millennials
1965-1979 1946-1964 1925-1945
Jessica E.M. Aleksy, CFRE
Development Director
Oregon Energy Fund
b. 1983 | Boston Strong
Cat Herding Afficianado |
We're Not Making
All This Up... We Swear.
And feel free to ask for the Prezi!
74 Of The Most Interesting Facts About The Millennial Generation - June, 2013
Blackbaud: The Next Generation of American Giving - 2013
Bloomerang: Acquire and Retain Millennial Donors - March, 2016
Boomers, Millennials and the Ballot Box - October, 2012
Dana Farber: 2015 Fall Formal Sizzle Reel - December, 2015
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Generation G: The Millennials and How They Are Changing the Art of Giving - 2016
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MillennialMagazine.com - August, 2016 + September, 2016
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What Does the Next Generation of American Leaders Think? - February, 2011
Why the Nonprofit World Needs Millennials - September, 2012
WJSchroer: Generations X,Y, Z and The Others - 2015 (archived)
Liza J. Dyer, CVA
Program Coordinator, Volunteer Services
Multnomah County Library
b. 1985 | Knitter
I like tea & whales |
Josh Damis
Social Media Strategist, R/West

b. 1986 | Burritos!!!!
Fueled by Rap Music |
Jessica Fern
Marketing & Communication Manager,
"I Have a Dream" Oregon
b. 1990 | Joy Facilitator
I also like whales |
Melissa Peterson
Corporate Relations Manager, SOLVE

b. 1988 | Native Oregonian
Beachcomber |
Thank You!
, The Millennials
2016: Ages 14-36
2016: Ages 37-51
2016: Ages 52-70
2016: Ages 71-91
What one word would you use to describe how Millennials communicate?
Where do you find your Millennials?
What is your favorite #hashtag right now? How about your go-to emoji?
Take a Closer Look...
86% of Millennials get their news from a preferred social media platform
Millennials have caused the largest decline in home ownership since 1965 - yay for rentals!
Millennials average 3.75 hours on their phones each day.
Millennials are the most educated generation in U.S. history, but at a
cost... $45,000 in debt.
More Millennials have budgets for coffee than for retirement accounts.
The Value of a LIKE
What is your favorite giving incentive?
What one platform would you use to make a Millennial "ask"?
How do your Millennials "give"?
Thank You.
Better yet: give us a call! A 5 minute call (or voicemail) will yield huge loyalty!
Show us where you're going: Millennials give when organizations have a need and continue giving when organizations are meeting a need.
Millennials love mail! It's true! And we will likely keep your handwritten notes on our fridge. ;)
And yes - we do like when you mention us online. It's rad.
...oh, and coffee is always a good idea.
Thank YOU.
There's an App for That.
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