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No description

taryn hutson

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Insurgent

Characters (main)
Tris Prior

is 16 and Divergent. She transferred from Abnegation to Dauntless, she also is 4's girlfriend.

is 18 and Divergent.He transferred from Abnegation to Dauntless because his father beat him. He switched his name because he has 4 fears and because his name connects him to his dad. He hates his dad.
Minor characters
is 4's father. He is the leader of Abnegation (only one left), and is keeping a secret.
is the leader of Erudite. She also is keeping a secret. She is very mean/evil.
is Tris's best friend who was originally Candor but she switched to Dauntless.
is 16 and Erudite born but left to Dauntless. He dislikes Tris, and is very strong and mean.
gave Tris her Aptitude test, and kept Tris's Divergent secret. She wants to kill Jeanine because Jeanine had her brother killed (he was Divergent).

is a friend of Tris. He is Dauntless born and stayed Dauntless. He is Also Divergent

is Tobias's mother that supposedly died when Tobias was young

was a dauntless initiate, he was better than everybody, but then Peter stabbed him in the eye. Edward decided to leave the Dauntless and he became factionless.

is the Amity speaker (they don't have leaders)

is 16 and Tris's brother who left Abnegation for Erudite. Then after Erudite attacked Abnegation he left them ( Erudite).
is 18, Erudite born but transferred to Dauntless. He is a Dauntless traitor because he was working for Erudite during the attack. He is extremely mean.
In a Futuristic Chicago, it takes place in every faction's compound (Abnegation, Erudite, Candor,Amity, and Dauntless) and the Factionless compound.
Things to know
There are 5 different groups with different beliefs called factions that this city is split up into.
Abnegation: the selfless ( political leaders)
Candor: the honest (attorneys)
Amity: the peaceful ( farmers)
Erudite: the intelligent (teachers, scientists)
Dauntless: the brave ( city guards)

Divergent: tending to be different or develop in different directions ( they fit into many different Factions)

Insurgent: rising in active revolt

Dauntless traitors : are former Dauntless that were working for Erudite.

Factionless: are people that are like the Homeless

Inciting Force
Tris was walking around the Amity compound and overheard a conversation. The 2 people talking were Marcus and Johanna. Marcus was saying that Abnegation's leaders died to protect a secret. Which makes Tris really curious.
The conflict in the story is that Tris is trying to find out what Marcus was talking about to Johanna at the Amity compound.
Rising Action
Tris overhears a conversation between Four and Evelyn. Evelyn tells Four that he needs to convince the Dauntless to join the factionless.
Other Minor Characters
Rising Action
The Candor are attacked by Dauntless traitors led by Eric . Tris and Uriah figure out they are looking for the Divergents,and try to warn others, but they are captured by Eric. Eric plans, by Jeanine's orders, to take 2 of the Divergent back to Erudite headquarters and kill the rest.

Tris and the Divergents escape
The Dauntless capture and kill Eric.
Rising Action
Tris leaves for Erudite ( because they are harming people). She agrees to Jeanine's testing as long as the results are explained to her; she is then subjected to an MRI and several simulations.
Jeanine declares that Tris will die the next day. However, Peter helps Tris (and Four who was also being tested,) escape from Erudite.
Climax (part 1)
Marcus insists the information Jeanine stole must be made public before the Dauntless and factionless destroy all data in their attack.

Tris, Marcus, and Christina head up to Jeanine's private laboratory.
Climax (part 2)
Tris and Marcus reach an intersection. They split up, going into two different doorways. Tris enters a simulation that forces her to fight herself. Realizing she is more desperate than her simulation self, she forces the simulation to give her a gun, and she shoots and kills her simulation-self.
Then she reaches the laboratory where she found Tori.She (Tori) stabs Jeanine in the stomach, killing her.
I would rate this book an 9 out of 10 because it was a good book but not as good as Divergent.Otherwise, it was action filled and interesting. I would recommend this book to everyone.
Four confronts Tris about aligning with Marcus, his dad. Four later leaves with Caleb and then comes back.They retrieved the information. Popping on some screens, a woman named Amanda Ritter, who later takes the identity of Edith Prior appears. She explains what's outside the city and why the faction system was created.
About the Passage
I chose this because it's interesting and is important to wrapping up this book, yet it makes you want to read the 3rd book.
I think the author was effective because it makes you want to know what happens next.
I think the theme of the story is:
Do what you believe is right even if others do something different (/be Insurgent ).
When most of the Dauntless were going to eliminate Erudite's information, Tris and Christina did what Marcus was doing; saving and sharing the information.That turned out to be the right option.
by Veronica Roth
This is at the Conclusion of the book when the Video (/information/secret) is being played.


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