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Organisational Communication Exam

Conflict communication, Team communication

Martin Nissen

on 27 June 2012

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Transcript of Organisational Communication Exam

Mr. Ridley Dr. Edwards Dr. Robinson Leader Different impression Dr. Edwards Dr. Carter Dr. Robinson Glue person Natural alliance Dr. Robinson Dr. Carter Dr. Edwards Dr. Scully Previous partner Isolating Dr. Robinson Dr. Carter Dr. Edwards Their own decision
Slow product development Robinson had stake Old methods The conflict situation Refused to share data Communication stopped Progress stalled !? !? !? !? ZzzZZzzz ZzzZz ZzzZZ Problem statement "How may Novo Nordisk resolve the internal communication conflict with organisational communication and avoid any similar case
in the future?" Fundamentals "Each unit must share and use better practises" "Each unit must have a clear definition of where
accountabilities and decision powers reside" "Each unit must have an action plan to ensure improvement
of ... working climate" "Every manager and unit must actively support cross-unit projects
and working relationships of relevance to the business" Agenda Fundamentals & Communication Policy, Novo Nordisk case material Two-way listening and facilitating dialogue with all our stakeholders Issues Problem statement Theories & Suggestions Discussion Latent Aftermath Perceived Felt Manifest Disagreement Get's personal Cut off communication Enemy images Concern for self High Low Low High Concern for others Competition Avoidance Accomodation Compromise Collaboration Interpersonal Intergroup Interorganizationsal Incompatible goals Interdependent Interaction Miller, 2009 p. 160 Miller, 2009 p. 161 “The Conflict Ladder”, Friedrich Glasl (1994, 2002) Inquisitor Judge Mediator/advisor Motivator Investigator Restructurer Problem solver Procedural marshal Systems theory "Complex organisms that must interact with their environment to survive" Miller, 2009 p. 57 New Science The importance of relationships in organisations The importance of participation in organizational processes The appreciation of organizational change and instability The importance of being open to the information environment Underscore and explore Team-building Leadership courses Inside Magazine References Miller, K. "Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes." Wadsworth Cengage Learning. 2009, print. Eisenberg, Eric M. and H. L. Goodall. "Organisational communication: Balancing Creativity and Constraint." Bedford/St. Martin's. 2004, print. Friedrich Glasl. "The conflict ladder." 1994, 2002. Novo Nordisk case material Miller, 2009 p. 71 Miller, 2009 p. 186 Presentation theory Pyramid structure Storyteller structure 7 rules of thumb
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