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Where Blogging and Journalism Come Together.

jordan shearer

on 29 January 2011

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Transcript of bloggalism

Where Blogging and Journalism Collide New and old ideas rarely ever coexist without any problems or confrontations. One always thinks the other is old-fashioned. The other always thinks the one is stupid and naive. Traditional journalism has been around for
hundreds of years. Blogging has been around for, well, many less years. Here is the confrontation: Journalism feels threatened by the blogging industry. The Idea with blogging is that now anybody can publish their ideas, their stories, or the daily news. However, blogging is not only open to everyone, but it (according to journalism) is also being done in the entirely wrong way!!! You see, journalism is supposed to be this dry, boring, emotionless voice speaking about what's happening in the world... unbiased! (pg 99) Blogging, however, is laughing at all those rules. You see, Blogging is a perspective from within the action!!
It is even sometimes done during the event it is talking about instead of afterwards (pg 98). It is up close.
The author is a lot of time closely involved in the action (pg 95). However, When All is said and done, both fields are valuable. They may change one another slightly. But in the end, all siblings help each other grow! Rettberg, Jill Walker. Blogging:Digital Media and Society Series.Malden: Polity. 2008. Print. BIBLIOGRAPHY: You no longer have to be employed by a company to have your voice heard.
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