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William Shakespeare

No description

henry orth

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of William Shakespeare

The early years April 23, 1564: William Skakespeare was born
Born to John Skaspeare and his wife Mary Arden
Lived in Stratford – upon Avon
-> 103 miles west of London
Eldest of 7 children John Shakespeare:
held a lot of jobs
Glove Maker
Alderman and Bailiff (mayor)
Served on the city council
Suffered financial problems
In 1578 John Shakespeare's became behind with his taxes.
William had to leave school to help his father and the family
This happened around 1570
Embarrassing for William as he grew older School time King's New School of Stratford-upon-Avon. . free education for William because of his father´s position
. Life at the Grammar school was very strict
. He learned early how to behave correctly
. 2,000 hours in school per year
. studying the works of the great classical authors and dramatists Shakespeare with 14 Years . 1577 he had to leave school
. It is amazing that William Shakespeare achieved so much
. However, he had a broad base of knowledge in many subject areas:
Latin, History ,Philosophy , English, poets, Medicine, Law, Botany ,Animals Left school and formal education when he was fourteen in 1578 Attended King s New School from the age of 7 in 1571 King's New School of Stratford-upon-Avon . Catholic education
. The "lost years " There were no documented facts about the life of William Shakespeare
between leaving school in 1578 and marrying Anne Hathaway in 1582!
This time is therefore referred to as the First Lost Years
.. The Second Lost Years - Between 1582 and 1592 there were only three documented facts about William Shakespeare
2 Entries for the Baptism of his children
In 1589 a court documents name William Shakespeare and his parents in a land dispute Anne Hathaway Married Shakespeare in 1582
Grown up in a farmhouse
Susanna 1583-1649
Twins: Judith and Hamlet 1585
Hamlet died in 1596 of the bubonic plague
Judith died in 1662 First Production of Henry VI
1993 -The Playwright- an "Upstart Crow
“… [ William Shakespeare] is an upstart Crow, beautified with our feathers, that with his Tiger's heart wrapped in a Player's hide, supposes he is as well able to bombast out a blank verse as the best of you: and being an absolute Johannes factotum, is in his own conceit the only Shake-scene in a country.” – Robert Greene 1593 –
. Shakespeare starts with the “Lord Chamberlain’s Men“ . Shakespeare left Anne and the children in the late 1580’s to go to London
. The last record of Shakespeare in Stratford is in 1585 . But he does not appear in London until 1592 The "Lord Chamberlain's Men" Their patron was Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, the Lord Chamberlain and with his death followed by George Carey
Shakespeare joined the Chamberlain's men
He wrote plays for his theater company,
where he was financially involved
and played as actor in smaller roles himself
The Chamberlain's Men performed at the 'Theatre' in Shoreditch and became the most important company of players in England Timeline of his Writings 1593- Registration of Venus and Adonis
1594- First Quarto Edition of Titus Andronicus
1594- Registration of The Rape of Lucrece
1594- Confirmed Performance of The Comedy of Errors
1996- Dead of his Son Hamnet
1597- First Quarto Editions of Richard III, Richard II, and Romeo and Juliet

-> Shakespeare´s writing´s were divided in:
The Classical plays, The History plays, The Narrative Poems and Sonnets, and also Experiments in comedy -> 37 Plays The bubonic plague - 1590´years Most of the theaters had to close because of the bubonic plague, Shakespeare started writing epic poem and lyric which established his fame more William Shakespeare William Shakespeare The Globe Theather The Globe Theater From 1599 Shakespeare was co-owner of the London Globe Theatre, which had built his squad as a replacement for the Theatre after the lease had expired.
As part owner of the Globe Shakespeare himself acquired wealth and influence.
– earned 10% of the profits
Going to the Globe Theater was somenting special
In the winter the theater group went to the Blackfriars Theatre Built in 1599 Located in Southwark Going to the Globe was an event – featured merchandise and food. Burned down in 1613 Demolished 1944 Later Years Shakespeare retired to Stratford some years before his death
Didn´t stop writing and continued to visit London
Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616 Question 1: 

What city was Shakespeare born in?

a. Stafford
b. Stratford-upon-Avon
c. London
d . Galway Question 1 Question 2: 

What are the “lost years”

A. The years Shakespeare was married
B. The years Susanna and the twins were born
C. The years there is no record of Shakespeare
D. How long it took to write Hamlet QUESTION´s Question 3: 
What year did Shakespeare arrive in London?
1585 Question 4: 
Why did theaters in London close in 1593?

a) The Bubonic Plague
b) They burned down
c) They got bored
d) Because of the Puritans A shakespeare timeline . Retrieved from http ://shakespeare.palomar.edu/timeline/timeline.htm Olivier , L. (Director), & Shakespeare, W. (Writer) (1948). Hamlet [Web ]. Retrieved from http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ks NbCHUns&feature =related Shakespeare birthplace trust . (2012). Retrieved from http :// www.biography.com/people/william-shakespeare9480323 William Shakespeare information . (2011). Retrieved from http://www.william shakespeare.info/site-map.htm "Better three minutes too late than waiting a second"

(Henry Orth)

(William Shakespeare) "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late". 1592- First Record of Shakespeare in London : Henry IV, Part 1 depicts a span of history that begins with Hotspur's battle at Homildon against the Douglas late in 1402 and ends with the defeat of the rebels at Shrewsbury in the middle of 1403
-> Very popular from the begining Resources:
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