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Group Supervision in Social Work

No description

Emily Oeveren

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Group Supervision in Social Work

Plan a specific date and time for supervision in advance
Avoid power struggle
Create an agenda to appropriately manage time during supervision
Avoid turning supervision into a group therapy session
Take into consideration group members' comfort levels More Solutions Precede negative feedback with positive feedback
Be aware of what stage of process the group is in
Remain professional at all times
Be aware of how they interact with other members
Remain focused on the topic at hand
Minimize distractions Solutions Not everyone is comfortable/speaks in group settings
Time constraints (lack of time to discuss all issues)
Requires a great deal of trust for openness and growth
Some group members may dominate discussions
Lack of mutual availability
Competition and comparison among group members
Less individualization and attention
Group can become sidetracked with discussion of trivial matters and storytelling
Group members may be afraid to voice constructive criticism of others DISADVANTAGES What does the process look like?
Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

How is group supervision like a staff meeting?
The group ultimately meets to address work-related concerns

How is group supervision like group therapy?
There can be social and therapeutic benefits for group members The Group Process Content that should only be shared in individual supervision
Personal issues and happenings
Last night's football game
Topics completely unrelated to casework
What's for lunch?
Cat videos What's Not Covered In Group Supervision? What is the role of the group members?
Are responsible for some of the decisions related to group purpose and functioning
Provide feedback to peers regarding cases discussed What is the role of the supervisor?
Has authority given to him/her by the agency, not by the group
Provides leadership, planning, and facilitation
Meets with the group to educate, administer, and offer support to members Group Supervision's Structure How is group supervision structured?

Formed and run with a task and agenda
Generally involves 4-5 group members, but depends on number of supervisees
Is usually homogeneous regarding group interests and concerns
Group interactions are a means to an end
Group must recognize agency constraints when developing solutions to problems Group Supervision's Structure What is the purpose of group supervision?

Keeps workers on the same page about projects and similar cases/experiences
Provides forum for discussion
Allows unique type of reflection in a group setting
Used as a method for teaching and encouraging professional growth

What settings is it used in?
University training programs
Clinical practice

Purpose of Group Supervision Gives group a sense of teamwork and cohesion
Builds confidence by reducing anxiety
Fosters supportive peer environment
Saves supervisor time
Lessens total dependence on the supervisor
Spreads accountability
Empowers workers
Allows members to practice supervisory skills
Offers a variety of perspectives to members ADVANTAGES
What are the challenges?

Mutual availability might be difficult
Emergencies arise
What happens when the supervisor cancels?
Conflicts between members Scheduling of Group Supervision DEFINITION:

"The use of a group setting to implement the responsibilities of supervision." Simply put, supervision, but in a group format.
(Kadushin, 2002) Purpose of Group Supervision What types of content are covered in group supervision sessions?
Cases - a forum for discussion
Educational material:
(guest speakers, films, other helpful materials)
Administrative concerns/housekeeping Content of Group Supervision Pam Miller
Cuetta Jackson
Whitney Arkin
Emily Van Oeveren Group Supervision
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Kadushin, Alfred and Harkness, Daniel. (2002) Supervision in Social Work. NY:
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worker: managing trust and competition in group supervision. Journal of Social Work Education, 40(1), 13-26.

. References as it relates to group supervision
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