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Greener Gloucestershire

No description

Kate Arnold

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Greener Gloucestershire

Strand 5: Green Retail
Physical focus for the project
The Greener Gloucestershire Project
Our Bid
Students as Active Partners in Institutional and Regional Economic Change for Sustainability
Through the Greener Gloucestershire Project,
we aim to...
• Scale up enterprise & business development initiatives so more students experience sustainability & play an active role in driving sustainability across the county.

• Reposition students as active partners in embedding sustainability within the institution & to key University priorities of business and sport development

• Create self-sustaining and replicable initiatives

• Make sustainability a social norm using high quality sustainability-themed opportunities.

Strand 1: Green Enterprise
Enhancing employability and entrepreneurship through the creation and support of student-led social enterprises

Enable students to develop and practice sustainable and ethical business skills
Strand 2: Green Placements
Enhancing student employability

...whilst widening participation in
sustainability through a variety of work placement options...

with a sustainable theme
NUS Green Fund
NUs Students Green Fund created with £5millon of HEFCE funding

Competitive bidding process: open to all HEFCE funded SU's in England

25 unions across England funded for sustainability projects

University of Gloucestershire Students' Union awarded
for our
Greener Gloucestershire Project
Strand 3: Green Partnerships
Linking together the students, the University, The students' Union, Gloucestershire business and the local community
Strategic partnership with the LEP
Strand 4: Green Sport
Widening student participation
'Greening' sports teams through modified Green Impact Workbook
Trial within SU Sports Teams, then rolled out to local community
Providing information on green activity on campus, green placements, opportunities
Outlet for social enterprise products and local business
The project will tie students, the University, HE and FE institutions in the region, local business community and sports clubs into sustainability through

five interrelated strands
1. Green Enterprise
2. Green Placements
3. Green Partnerships
4. Green Sport
5. Green Retail

Gloucestershire Honey

Marketing Agency

Big Green Gap Year (BiGGY)
6 month placements to school leavers in Gloucestershire who have deferred entry to the University.
The placements will see the student in a function that supports communities, helps the environment and provides a foundation for their time at University.
The student will receive a living wage.
Green Impact - Students as Auditors
Traditional placements and internships with a sustainability focus
An online sustainability hub which will include Green Impact toolkits, green initiatives, articles, events, news and advertise Green Placements as well as hosting blogs by students on Green Placements

Greener Gloucestershire Awards Ceremony run by the Union, University and LEP to celebrate successes within the county.

Working with NUS and the Sustainability Team to develop Green Impact in Sport in year one of funding
Working with Gloucestershire based Sustainability in Sport-
providing placement students to promote and deliver this quality mark to sport organisations and businesses
Green Shops will...

* Pop up around all the campuses and in the community

* Provide information on placements and opportunities for students

* sell products produced by the Green Enterprise strand (such as Chilli products) and relevant green businesses.

* Be linked into the Greener Gloucestershire website, online shop

Partnership to foster Student Social Enterprise

RAU students will have access to the Business Planning Competition

Social Enterprise Business Planning Competition...
The Cheltenham Chilli Company
RAU student social enteprises will be able to make use of our Green Retail spaces to sell their products
Sharing sustainability-based student opportunities
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