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Learning Goals and Success Criteria

No description

Tyson Maxwell

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Learning Goals and Success Criteria

Learning What are Learning Goals? Learning goals are statements
that describe what the student
should know by the end of an activity, lesson or unit. What is
Success Criteria? 1st step Today's Learning Goals 2nd step Spark Last step Start (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Today I will able to define a learning goal

Today I will know how to create a learning goal How do learning goals
help students? - they know the expectations
-they have a purpose for their learning
-it gives them a focusing point during the lesson or activity.
-it can help draw students back into the lesson How do we come up with learning goals? -Learning goals are based off
of curriculum expectations For example
Careers Expectation identify the essential skills (e.g., reading
text, computer use,working with others,
numeracy) they have developed through
school, extracurricular, and/or community
experiences, and explain how these skills
relate to career development; Learning Goal
Today I will be able to identify the different essential skills necessary for a career
Today I will know what essential skills I possess. Some of the learning goals I have used -Today I will know how to properly write an
opinion paragraph
-Today I will will know how to peer edit
another student's work
-Today I will know how an author's word
choice can influence a reader's emotions Success Criteria is how we measure a student's understanding of the learning goal. In short, Success Criteria is the guidelines students can use to help them move from one level of achievement to another. The idea of success criteria is to make sure that students and teachers are on the same page when completing and marking assessments. By creating an environment where students share in developing success criteria they will become stronger students. By creating an environment where students share in developing success criteria they will become stronger students. How does success criteria work? Show pupils examples of finished work.
Discuss what makes the piece of work successful or
not successful.
. When completing a task/assignment, it is important to refer back to the success criteria.

. To increase student learning, we must involve them in the assessment process.

Peer and Self Editing are key tools in the implementation of success criteria .
Fewer hands up/questions/off task behaviours during work periods-Students know exactly what they should be doing. The teacher has more time to work with students who really need support.

Students can become aware of their own weakness when they check their progress against the criteria.

The finished product is of a higher quality. Work with the students to develop the success criteria What are the benefits of using Success Criteria?
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