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Presentation Driven Idea Incubation

An Agile technique focusing on learning, coaching and idea incubation with continuous material development. Helps to bring up business value from team.

bence kulcsar

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of Presentation Driven Idea Incubation

Presentation Driven Idea Incubation
by Bence Kulcsar What is Presentation Driven Idea Incubation? An Agile technique focusing on learning,
coaching and idea incubation with continous material development. How does it work? Idea Owner
Coach Roles Idea Owner

The Idea Owner is responsible for working out his concept,
making research, learning about the topic and keeping presentations
week by week. New visions and thoughts should be inserted
into the presentation continously.

There is only one presentation - the current one.

The Coach is responsible for participating in weekly presentations and giving feedback. He acts as a mentor and furthermore as an idea catalyst. The Coach and the Idea Owner share visions with each other. However, it is the Idea Owner's competence to formulate ideas.
Flow Idea Owner
learning and
presentation writing
(one week) Presentation time
(max 45 minutes) Sharing visions
(max 45 minutes) Documentation
(max 20 minutes) Incubation cycles How long does it take? Depends on topic complexity.
Usually 3-8 cycles but incubations
should be stopped upon request of the
Idea Owner. Advantages
Advantage - Always ready

Shippable presentation every week.
You can go to customers in an early phase because the presentation is always
up to date with the freshest ideas.
Advantage - Focus

Idea Owner doesn't miss the lead,
because the growth of his study
must be presented weekly. Advantage - Everything is Timeboxed

All incubation cycle steps have well defined deadlines and this focuses work on the most important deliverables. Advantage - Shared vision

Think tank and micro community style work based on empowerment and truthfulness leads to extra efficient materials via shared visions. Idea Owner's tasks

Research, learn and build knowledge base
Develop presentation
Organize weekly meeting
Show presentation to the Coach
Share vision
Document meeting
Coach tasks

Research and collect information about the topic
Participate weekly presentation
Share vision, feedbacks, knowledge and feelings
Tasks Rules Rules

Idea Owner choose Coach
Idea Owner is the leader, Coach is the supporter
Idea Owner must have one incubation project at the same time
Presentation must be developed for every meeting
Positive approach is expected
Additional meeting and consultancy is allowed between parties

Presentation Driven Idea Incubation technique based on defined

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