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Culture Strategy 2-19-2016

No description

Nikki Hotvedt

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of Culture Strategy 2-19-2016

Culture is the operating system of an organization
Create a structure & develop behaviors that encourage individuals to get out into the business to
work & deliver together.
Enjoying the work itself. The opportunity to experiment, learn & create.
The direct outcome of the work fits your identity & you work because you value the work’s impact.
The opportunity to grow personally & professionally.
Strong employee engagement can lead to up to
18% higher revenue per employee.

of employees report being highly engaged.

1. Collaboration

3. Transparency
Little Book
2 out of 3 Millennials are interested in entrepreneurship & approach it as a way of life & work.

Employees increasingly believe that quality of ideas matter more than experience.

There's an increasing need to make innovation a part of everyone's job.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
Employees increasingly expect close relationships with their managers, view them as coaches & mentors.

Individual relationships still the basis for successful collaboration.

Work is increasingly done in project teams.

Inspire our employees to do their best, most creative work by leveraging the
3 main positive psychological reasons
people work .
Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Determination in Human Behavior
Professors Edward Deci and Richard Ryan from the University of Rochester
What’s Love Got to Do With it?

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
The most motivated & engaged employees list "enjoying their work" among their top 3 motivators.

60% of Millennials
say purpose is part of the reason they chose to work at their current employer.

Feeling valued is the number one motivator for Millennial employees & they increasingly crave a sense of belonging at work.
Center for Generational Kinetics
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce
: Give employees autonomy to do the work that interests them, make decisions & think & work in new ways.

: Develop, talk frequently about & live by a emotive vision that drives employees to live the brand.

: Motivate strong employees with stretch projects & exposure to diverse tasks/departments.
How to Build a Passionate Company
, Harvard Business Review
Center for Generational Kinetics
Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Determination in Human Behavior
, Edward Deci and Richard Ryan from the University of Rochester
a culture that drives innovation
& can lead Dow Jones into the next century.
Create an environment of

Provide support and resources for new ideas & experimental projects.

Celebrate failure:
Talk about iteration, share learnings, & encourage smart risk.

Democratize innovation
: Continue striving to make innovation an accessible concept & action. Good ideas can come from anywhere.
How to Build a Passionate Company
, Harvard Business Review
How to Build a Passionate Company
, Harvard Business Review
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Milennials want
42% more communication
than any other generation.

Need for
honest expression
: Excitement, passion & enthusiasm are feelings too.

two-way communication
between employees & leadership.
Design a structure for information to
cascade to all levels
of the organization & nurture an environment of approachability, honesty & self-expression.
The Center for Generational Kinetics
To sustain a passionate culture that drives innovation, collaboration and inspires our employees to do their best work, everyday.
The Impact of EMployee Engagement on Performance, Harvard Business Review
U.S. Chamber of Commerace
Soften power cues to create a "democratized” workplace.
Skip-level meetings
Executive accessibility

Provide opportunities for employees to develop new & existing relationships.
Host social events such as holiday parties & summer picnic
Weave team building into the fabric of everything we do

Offer diverse platforms where employees can communicate.
Update Intranet that offers collaborative tools
Motivating Millennials Takes More Than Flexible Work Policies
, Harvard Business Review
world & the workplace are evolving
at the rate of technology.

Millennials will make up the majority of the workplace.
4 principles of behavior:
2. Motivation

4. Innovation
regular updates
& information via Town Halls & other top-down communication.

Encourage self-expression by creating an environment of trust, honesty & inclusion.
Leverage internal communication channels to
demonstrate intimacy & emotion
including emails, presentations & events.

Invest in platforms& opportunities that
encourage two-way dialog
Facilitate skip-level interactions, such as Knowledge Share events, and create peer-to-peer spaces such as the Intranet.
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