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lily and kate and katie

No description

theresa Sauer

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of lily and kate and katie

France: Lily, Kate, and Katie
January 1- New Years Day
May 1- Labor Day
May 8- WWII Victory Day
July 14- Bastille Day
November 11- Armistice Day
December 25- Christmas Day
The population of France as of today is 65,951,611.
France produces over 400 types of cheese.
French is the official language.
France is close to the same size of Texas, with twice the population of California.
The Eiffel Tower that stands in France is 984 ft. tall.
The motto of the French Republic is" Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".
Francois Hollande is the president of France.
France operates in the constitution of the Fifth Republic.
France has five major political parties.
Cheese and wine are a national pride of France in regional differences.
Cereal, yogurt, bread, coffee, or hot chocolate are eaten for breakfast.
Children begin to drink wine during dinner in their early teens.
About 80% of France is Roman Catholic.
France has been continuously settled since Paleolithic Times. In about 600 B.C. the Greeks made settlements along the Mediterranean Sea. The Treaty of Verdun divided many territories in France. France
the most powerful nation in Europe with 15 million people.
Fact Monster.com
Yahoo.com (10 interesting facts about France)
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