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Gravity Falls

No description

Sofia Ilagan

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Gravity Falls

What its all about
Gravity Falls is one of my favorite Disney shows. Created by Alex Hirsch, this cartoon animated film was first created as a 11 minute student film which he made in the California Institute of the Arts. He was first called in by the Disney Studios to do a pitch for a show based on the short pilot. Disney bought out the idea and started showing it to the public in the summer of 2012.
The series was inspired by his own childhood summer experiences with his twin sister.
Gravity Falls is a small town located somewhere in Oregon. 12 year old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines visit their Great Uncle or " Grunkle" Stan for the summer.In each episode they encounter different paranormal and supernatural creatures or unexpected situations. Grunkle Stan insists that they help work in the Mystery Shack, the home that they are staying in and a small tourist attraction with fake and over priced objects. Soon Dipper finds a mysterious journal and they learn that Gravity Falls isnt just a small town, but a small town with secrets unimaginable and the Mystery Shack is where it all begins.
Getting to know the Cast
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines is a 12 years old and is the twin brother of Mabel. He got the name "Dipper" because of the birthmark of The Big Dipper across his forhead. Dipper is always wanting to be considered a man and always does his best to impress his crush Wendy.Dipper is also the founder of journal #3.
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines is Dippers twin sister. Her assortment of colourful and crazy sweaters expresses her personality as a fun, energetic and very silly. She is obsessed with boys and her pet pig Waddles. her two best friends are Candy and Grenda.
Stanford Pines
Stan Pines is Dipper and Mabel's Great Uncle. Owner of the Mystery Shack, Stan is a salesman who is attracted to money and when is not making money he loves to sit down and watch television. Stan is also the owner of journal #1 and with a mysterious underground hide- out, he keeps a machine seeking for the other journals.
Soos is the Handyman of the Mystery Shack. He is also a close friend to the Pines Family. Soos is a big man-child and is very hamster like. Despite his lack of intelligence and that he is almost always messing up, Soos is very talented with different types of jobs. He also loves spending time with both of the twins.
Wendy Corduroy
Wendy is a cool, fun and pretty 15 year old girl. She has a partime job at the Mystery Shack. Wendy is the tallest in her family and her dad is Manly dan the Lumberjack of Gravity Falls. She is also Dippers crush, and says she has had many boyfriends in the past.
Just some of the Townsfolk
Lil' Gideon
Lil' Gideon owns the "Tent of Telepathy". Gideon is also a huge enemy of Stan long before the twins arrived. Gideon has a love for Mabel and he thinks Dipper and Stan are in the way, even though Mabel hates him after he tried to kill Dipper. He is obsessed with getting the Mystery Shack because he is also seeking for the other journals, he wants this unimaginable power.
Old Man McGucket
Old Man McGucket is an insane and the 'local kook" in Gravity Falls. Despite his appearance he is an technical mastermind and an electronics genius. It is said that his real name is FiddleFord H. McGucket.
There are many other Gravity Falls residents.
Officers Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Edwin Durland
Robbie is this punk-like goth rocker kid who is always trying to get Wendy to notice him.He absolutely hates Dipper because he's always around Wendy. Robbie tries to ask Wendy out which really annoys Dipper.
Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Edwin are the officers of Gravity Falls. Sheriff Blubs is known for just sitting around and drinking coffee. Deputy Edwin is known for his child-like attitude and unintelligent. But the both make a good team.
Gravity Falls is a mysterious place where anything is possible. Many of the mysteries start with the Mystery Shack, like what's the secret underground place Stan's hiding, or why are the windows shaped like Bill Cypher................
The journals of Gravity Falls contain a secret map leading to the unknown. They contain information on the different creatures and objects. So far the author of the journals and why the person hid them is unknown.
Bill Cypher
Bill Cypher is a mysterious and powerful demon who can enter peoples minds. He knows and sees everything which is kinda creepy. Bill Cyphers figure appears in nearly every episode you just have to look really carefully. In one episode he was summoned by Gideon, so he could learn the code to te safe which had the Mystery Shack deeds inside.
The Symbols
Each symbol repesents a main character, but sometimes it doesn't make sense.
In conclusion Gravity Falls is an amazing show and I think the mystery, suspence and the funny jokes make it soo great to watch. I hope you enjoyed my presentation and i look forward to season 2. Here are some videos of Dipper's Guide to the unexplained and Mabel's Guide to Life.
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