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ITM slideshow

No description

Ck Gan

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of ITM slideshow

K2 Brief Description - World largest operator, franchisor,
and licensor of convenient store.
- Parent company : Seven & I Holding Co.
- More than 46000 outlets in 16 countries History - Founded by J.C. Thompson
- Originated: The Southland Ice Co.
- 1947 : Tot'em Store' 7-Eleven
- 1962 : Starts operate 24 hours a day Mission - To consistently serves the
changing needs of customer
as a convenience neighbourhood
store Vision To be the best retailer of
convenience. - Provide daily needs of customer
- Best services OrganizationL Design Work Specialization Departmentalization Authority and Responsibility Span of Control Centralization versus decentralization Formalization Managerial Issue :

How do 7-Eleven Go Global Approaches to go Global :
- Global sourcing
- Exporting and Importing
- Licensing or Franchising
- Global strategic alliance
- Foreign subsidairy Licensing and Franchising
- World largest operator, franchisor and
licensor of convenience stores
- 7,000 stores in both United State and Canada
- Approximately 29,700 stores internationally
around the global. Current Situation Analysis
(CSA) Malaysia Singapore Japan Australia China 7-Eleven in Singapore
- Largest convenience store in the island
- First 7-Eleven store Upper Changi road
- Operated with franchise license under the Jadine
Matheson Group
- Became "Shell Select'' convenience store all over
- First choice of customer convenience store 7-Eleven in Australia
- privately owned by the Withers family
- First 7-Eleven store in Australia was
located in Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh
- the acquisition of the Mobile Retail Fuel
Business was completed on 4th October 2010.
- Increase in 7-Eleven store operating all over
the world. 7-Eleven in China
- first 7-Eleven convenience store was opened
on 1992 in Shenzhen.
- Most of the 7-Eleven convenience stores are
located in eight cities or provinces with the
highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the
highest density of populations.
- 7-Eleven the only national convenience store
chain in China with cross-regional presence.
- 7-Eleven convenience store chain showed a
great potential in eastern and southern China. 7-Eleven in Japan
- The first 7-eleven store in Japan was established
on 1973 in Koto-ku, Tokyo
- On 1980, the company encountered financial
difficulty and was rescued from bankruptcy by
- Ito-Yokado then formed Seven & I Holding Co. on
year 2005.
- largest convenience store in Japan.
- 7-Eleven open new stores in specific targeted
area to fulfill this target 7-Eleven in Malaysia
- Owned by 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
- First 7-Eleven store in Malaysia was operated on
October 1984, in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala
- 7-Eleven has achieved success in the retailing
industry and became a renowned icon for over
27 years.
- Provide services for half a million customer
24 hours everyday.
- Food sold in Malaysia are all certified HALAL . COnclusion
- use their mission concept to become world
leading convenience stores .
- keep their pace and effort to provides
first-class services for customers
continuously. THE END Gan Chun Kang Evon Ng Hui Ee Koay Chor Tze Lee Chia Yong Goh Wen Yean Hew Mei Chee O
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