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Nancy Torchiano

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Volcanoes-aryan

What is a Volcano?

What to do During a Volcano Eruption:
During a volcano eruption put on the
goggles and mask that should be in your
bag or kit. Focus on your families safety.

What to do Before a Volcano Eruption:
You would want to have a bag or a safety kit with water, food, masks and goggles. You might want to have a vehicle to get away from the affects of the volcano. Also keep a first aid kit with you.
A volcano can be a mountain or a hill
where magma comes out and is now
lava. The reason behind this is because of the pressure building up in the volcano. It doesn't need to be a mountain or a hill, it can be a plain of grass also.
What Causes a Volcano?
A volcano can cause a lot of things. It can cause fires, landslides, earthquakes and more.

For instance if you shake a soda bottle and opened it, it will erupt. You have to clean up, right? Similarly, people have to rebuild structures like homes and shops after an eruption.
What to do After a Volcano Eruption:
Stay somewhere safe until the eruption is over and police say it is safe to go home.
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