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Bob Jr.

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of BLACK HOLE

Black Holes
By; Elijah Hernandez, Fitz Garcia

Black Holes are stars that could not contain itself no more and had no more fuel.
How Do Black Holes Form?
Black holes form when a star that's at least 10 times more massive than our own sun end its life. After exploding, the remaining mass form a black hole.

The gravitational pull of black holes is so powerful that nothing can escape from them, not even light. A human going through a Black Hole will die and be stretched out. This is called being Spagettified.
What Does it look like inside?
Does it mean we are going to get sucked into a Black Hole?
Different Types of Black Holes
So it is safe to say you don't want to be free falling into a black hole and end up like this guy.
Black Hole Fun Fact
Objects seem to "freeze" or slow down when they go into a black hole because of the light taking a long time to escape.
What is a black hole?
The nearest Black Hole is 26,000 LIGHT YEARS away from earth.
There is 3 types of Black Holes. Depends on gravity and dust.
Stellar Black Hole

Black Hole
Supermassive Black Holes
How Powerful is a Black Hole?
What is a Black Hole made up of?
Black Holes are made up by 3 layers. The outer layer is called the Outer Horizon. The middle layer is called the Inner Event Horizon. The Center of a Black Hole is called Singularity.
-Stuck in the middle-
-small but deadly-
-the birth of giants-
How does a
black hole die?
By a particle then it dissolves in billions of years
Gravitational lensing
Massive galaxy's black hole reflecting light
light bends
Quasar: believed to be powered by accretion of material
Accretion: materials that surrounds the disk of the black hole
Accretion Disk: formed by diffused material in orbital motion around a massive central body (event horizon is not part of it.)
How to spot a black hole?
Event Horizon: a point of no return
Black holes is made up of mass after the Supernova (stellar explosion)
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