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Let Me Persuade You!

No description

Penny Wise

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Let Me Persuade You!

Why Study Persuasion?

"If ever there were a time for students to study persuasion so as not to be sucked in by fast-talking radio hosts, TV personalities, overnight celebrities, or even unordained preachers, it is in today's global environment. Studying persuasion in order to write convincing papers in school and for tests is a noble purpose, but knowing the reasonableness of argument, recognizing the power of facts, and understanding the credentials of the person or persons persuading rises up as a necessary life skill."
~Dr. Joyce Armstrong Carroll, 2012
Persuasion in Writing
Prezi created by
Penny Wise

Persuasive Writing Video Retrieved 5/3/2016

Quote from
Carroll, J.A. & Wilson, E. (2012)
Four by four: Practical methods for writing persuasively. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

Slide Share Retrieved 5/3/2016
As far back as the Greeks, society has been interested in and studied persuasion. Whether using the term persuasion or rhetoric, individuals such as Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Pavlov, Freud, Burke, Young, Becker, and many others have spent lifetimes learning and teaching this skill.
So, Just What is Persuasive Writing?
Writers who effectively use sound logic, facts, statistics, and/or testimonies to organize, structure, and present their arguments in an attempt to establish their point are using persuasion.
Let Me Persuade You!
Watch this slide share to see more about persuasive techniques!
Changing a point of view takes effort!
So Remember Persuasion can do many things...
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