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Cells Organelle Analogies

No description

Alfredo Carrillo

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Cells Organelle Analogies

A cell is like an airport because... Cell Organelle Analogies An airport has many parts, like a cell. For example, The Cell Wall is like the security of an airport because... The security of the airport does not allow anything unknown into the airport like the Cell Wall does not allow anything unknown to go to the cell. The Mitochondria is like the jet engine
of the airplanes of the airport because... The jet engine gives power to the plane
like the Mitochondria give power to the cell. The Vacuole is like the gasoline tank
because.... The gasoline tank stores the gasoline
which is later used to power the
airplane like the Vacuole stores useful things
which are later used for the cell. The kitchen of the airport is like the Ribosome because... The kitchen of the airport makes the food that will be served on the airplane, like the Ribosome creates the proteins and other materials that will be distributed across the cell. Lysosome is like the bag bands because... They divide all the incoming bags into groups depending on which flight they came on like the Lysosome divides big food particles to smaller groups. The cytoplasm is like the empty halls of an airport because... The empty halls of the airport do not have a thing in them like the cytoplasm has nothing in it. The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the boarding gates of an airport because... The boarding gates are full of people and lead them to their plane like the Endoplasmic Reticulum leads proteins and distributes them across the cell. The Cell Membrane is like the control
tower of the airport because... The control tower controls which
flights enter or leave the airport,
like the Cell Membrane controls which
substances enter or leave the cell. The Nucleus is like the director
of the control tower because... The Nucleus controls all what happens
in the cell, like the director controls
all that happens in the airport. The Golgi Body is like the
bag cart because... The bag cart gets and distributes
all the bags of the passengers, like
the Golgi collects and distributes all
the proteins throught the cell.
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