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Curling presentation

No description

Amanda Carvalho

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Curling presentation

Curling Objective = place stone inside house One Point Two Points Two Points # of points = number of stones inside house
until opponent's stone or end of house Vocabulary stone
house 4 players on each team
(each team has 16 stones) Eight to ten rounds in two to three hours Basics Sweepers' objectives:
a) speed up stone
b) not let the stone curl Why a stone? curling evidence from
about 300 years earlier (painting by Pieter Bruegel) nicknamed "Roaring Game"
because of the sound of the
stone across the ice actual stones were used Keep in mind... You can push an opponent's stone
out of the house You can add effect to the stone
(sweepers would then avoid sweeping
the ice in order to let the stone have
the wanted effect) You can throw slower if you're winning
to get more points with more stones
around the house You can throw faster if you're losing
so that your stone will hit your opponent's harder, throwing it out of
the house
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