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No description

Charles Herndon

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Success

My most successful time in my life?
Was when I hit my first home run because i have been pushed since I was eight, and i never thought i could hit one over but then i did.Like i said before success to me is being happy with what you have dine and pushing yourself, and i was happy and i pushed myself to be there.
Definition of success
Define:the accomplishment of an aim or purpose!
What does success mean to me?
Define:To me success is to push yourself as far as your body and mind will go let you.To not stop for breaks and to keep going tell you feel like you succeeded.
When I am 30 I will know i am successful how?
Because I know I did everything i could to get myself there! I will have a happy family growing and helping them with there problems.I will be out of collage with a major and i will start my family and carry on with my life!
BY:Tannah Evans
I measure my success by?
I measure my success by how far you push your self and if you feel accomplished. To me success is being happy and feeling accomplished with yourself.
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