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Wayzata - Online Visioning Workshop


Juliana Panetta

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Wayzata - Online Visioning Workshop

City of Wayzata Online Visioning Workshop
Register sublet, re-mortgage within 1 month
Giving access for inspections or repairs
Scenario Planning
This is where we are struggling.
We can’t be in this situation.
We seriously need to grow our business
Wayzata 2040, Sailing Ahead
Online Visioning Workshop

What is ‘Wayzata 2040, Sailing Ahead’?

What is the Comprehensive Plan?
City Visioning: The public’s VOICE of the comprehensive plan
A Visioning process allows our residents and all City stakeholders to explore the City’s assets and determine where they would like to see Wayzata in 10, 20, 30 years’ time.

It is a proactive and highly-engaged process that enables the community to take control and shape their own future.

Wayzata 2040, Sailing Ahead will create shared goals, which will ensure that every decision made in Wayzata’s Comprehensive Plan brings the City closer to the vision developed by the entire community.

A Think Tank was conducted September 25th and 26th with about 60 Wayzata residents and stakeholders.
During the Think Tank we:
• Explored Trends and Implications for Wayzata
• Identified ‘Drivers’ Shaping the future of Wayzata
• Developed four plausible scenarios
• Examined implications for the future of Wayzata

The think tank explored macro trends related to

• Demographics, population and urbanization
• Cities of the future
• Macro-economics and shifting power
• Energy, food, water & climate change
• Technology driving change

Watch the full video of the first night of the think tank below (two part video):
Key drivers shaping Wayzata
Think tank participants came up with the top 20 drivers shaping the future of Wayzata:
1. Thirst for development and implication on the environment
2. High cost of living
3. Loss of younger population / generation
4. Public transportation
5. Implications of being a destination
6. Lake effect – recreational activities
7. Infrastructure for aging demographic
8. Technology advancements
9. Increasing quantity of the aging population
10. Dramatic racial demographic changes
11. Traffic and accessibility to 394 + Downtown
12. Affordable housing as attraction to young professionals and workforce
13. Aged group doing the planning
14. High cost of land
15. Appeal to younger families
16. Snow birds’ effect on local economy
17. Proliferation of entertainment options
18. Tension between preservation and development
19. Willingness to expand population size / density
20. Ability to engage

• Tension between preservation and development
• Willingness to expand population size/density
• Implications of being a destination
• High cost of land
• Thirst for development and implication on the environment
• Technology advancements

Two clusters of themes emerge: Development trajectory and Intergenerational Relevance
• Affordable housing as attraction to young professionals and workforce
• Lake effect – recreational activities
• Increasing quantity of the aging population
• Loss of younger population / generation
• Infrastructure for aging demographic

Scenario Matrix
These two clusters create a Scenario Space
made up of two axes.

The participants then – in groups – developed each of the four scenarios, looking into the future and thinking through characteristics:

Community / Societal Characteristics
Environment / Infrastructure Characteristics
Economic Business Characteristics

• Prime destination for aging
• Affluent resident base, homogeneous profile
• Main focus on an active lake living retiree life
• Highly specialized and highly monitored ‘aging in place’ framework
• There is a strong focus on ecological sustainability
• “Snowbirds nest” and stay year-round

‘Poster city’ in terms of engaging multiple generations and embracing progress
Median age – 40
Vibrant city with young families, seasoned professionals and retirees
Energy neutrality
Pedestrian-only Lake Street
State of the art transportation system
Small, local, and relevant shops
Cutting-edge storm treatment center
State of the art medical facilities and places a strong emphasis on options for healthy living and exercise

HAVE YOUR SAY! Complete the online survey. This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete and you will get to have your say in the Future of Wayzata!



SCENARIO A “Aging at its Best”
SCENARIO B “FTSC - Forward Thinking; Socially Connected”
SCENARIO C “Village of Wayzata - Back to the Future”
Development restrictions and focus on remaining an exclusive city
Push pull effect – trying to attract younger families but limited pace of development presents its challenges
Limited housing for its growing workforce
Public transportation challenges
Exclusive and traditional City
Lake living strong part of the community’s character
Seasonal destination City

Community of active retirees with a greater diversity mix in the population
“70 is the new 50.”
Strong focus on wellness/outdoors
Relaxed City with a great number of seasonal residents
Development is limited and centered around repurposing existing buildings for new use.
More people in smaller spaces (more density, less volume)
Smaller communal spaces and flexible working opportunities

Scenario D “Wayzata Aged to Perfection”
Click the arrow below to go through this online workshop!
It is creating a vision for 2040.
Comprehensive Plan Update Process =
City Visioning
Comprehensive Plan Update Document
The plan dictates public policy in terms
of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing.

It is a framework for development through 2040.
years, the Metropolitan Council requires all cities within the seven-county metropolitan area to update their Comprehensive Plan.
An edited version here:
When asked to rank these drivers based on importance and uncertainty:
Wayzata 2040, Sailing Ahead
For more information:
Full transcript