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Corn Pops

No description

Victoria Friscioni

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Corn Pops

- First introduced by Kellogg's company in 1951 as "Sugar Pops"

- in 1978 the name was changed to "sugar corn pops" and by 1984 the company dropped "sugar" and the cereal became "Corn Pops" (Wikipedia, 2014).

- mascots changed as time passed
- Corn Pops has always been and remains to be used as a cereal typically with milk (or can be eaten dry) and directed to children
Production of Corn Pops
Origin of Corn Pops
Harms of Corn Pops & Nutrition
Comparing Corn Pops
Pros & Cons
Canada Vs America
Wednesday, January 21st, 2015
Victoria Friscioni
Description of Corn Pops
What are Corn Pops?
- Corn Pops are a popular breakfast cereal made by the company "Kellogg's" that are in the shape of yellow balls from popped up corn.
- Corn is the main ingredient in Corn Pops and has been artificially selected and GM'd for its ideal "yellow" trait

- Corn Pops originated in 1951 where various mascots such as pirates, cowboys and teddy bears were used to attract children

- Corn pops aren't heavily processed but do contain a lot of sugar and a harmful preservative

- Corn pops differ from countries as close as Canada and the U.S because of restrictions on raw materials and even a culture shift! this is surprising because nobody would think such a close relationship like ours and the United States' would bring about such variations in the product but they do!

Corn Pops
-Corn is the main ingredient in Corn Pops and therefore must be defined & described first
Corn is in fact a grain although people argue it is a vegetable
- Corn is healthy for you and contains proteins, fats, fiber, potassium and vitamin A (an antioxidant) (New health guide, 2014).
- Corn is GM or genetically modified as yellow as it is the preferred allel by artificial selection
-Teosinte is the original corn crop that looks very different from modern-day corn...(Proneural, 2007).
Milled corn, sugar, soluble corn fibre, contains 2% or less of molasses, salt, hydrogenated coconut and soybean oil, wheat starch, annatto colour, BHT for freshness (Kellogg's, 2015).

Not too many hard-to-read ingredients, likely most are safe


- high in sugar since it is the 2nd ingredient
- BHT is a perservative used to prevent oils/fats from spoiling in food
- BHT is found to increase the risk of cancer in animals (Berkley Wellness, 2011).
whole grains cooked in a pressure cooker
pressure is released all at once and forces grains to POP
Grains then baked
Lots of sugar added to appeal to kids (Cellania, 2011).

-as we see, this cereal is not heavily processed like most foods today
- Pops are smoother and flatter

- Pops are round, spherical and bumpy
In both countries the taste is also different because of raw ingredients regulatory companies and also because of a difference in culture
Where can you get Corn Pops?
- Virtually, one can buy Corn Pops in any grocery/variety store and even in some gas stations

New Products for Corn Pops:
Description of Corn itself
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