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Social Networking

No description

Tamanna Motaleb

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Social Networking

One of the first social media site that began in 1995. Allowed users to publish their own personalized contents and socialize with users of similar views. The site gained a 606% increase in initial share price after it was publicized in 1998. But like all other sites experienced a drop in the online advertising market (theglobe.com, 9).
, a web hosting service was founded in 1992 by Bo Peabody and Brett Hershey (Stuart, 7). Was originally launched as an information resource until it provided tools for users to create their own page. Offers information in 33 areas, which are called" Pods". These pods revolve on areas such as work, relationship, personal issues, etc. Also provides free membership to users. (Sharon,8).
Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs)
Bulletin Board System
is an application or computer used to share files and other data.The first BBS was created by Ward Christensen and Randy Seuss in 1978. It was called the "Computerized Bulletin Board system"
The BBS was used to share and post messages between users. It was originally text based and can be accessed from the internet or dial up modem called "Telnet". Are more common in places where interent is far less established. (Rouse, 2).
Prodigy Communication Corps.
was the first internet service provider that was founded in 1984 . Provides extensive features and services to customers and later in 2000 with its broadband homepage. Prodigy communication corp was the first communication online service to provide a new internet experience to its users and allowed its members the ability to publish personal world wide web pages. (Scripophily, 4)

Social Networking

,originally known as
Quantum Computer services
until it was later renamed
American Online Inc.
in 1991 . AOL is a global mass media company that provides information, entertainment and allows users to connect through out the world. Such can be done through its mass media, newsletters, sports and instant messaging services. However the company soon lost many of its users due to charging high email fees and security related issues. (Aol corp, 3)
, is a free web hosting service that was founded in 1994 by David Bohnett and John Rezner( Monua, 5). It was later bought by Yahoo for 3.6 billion dollars in 1999. The service was later shut down by Yahoo in 2009 due to its loss in market share. (eWeek. 6)
Founded in 1995 by Randal Conrads. Was created to allow people to reunite and keep in connect with their youth such as school buddies, old friends, etc. The site allowed users to register for free until it gained popularity which had it creat a subscription format. The overcharging, spam, and other issues caused the site to drop in users with current users deleting their profile as well. (Simon, 10)
Tamanna Motaleb
, originally was
, changed to
CompuServe Information service
and lastly
CompuServe Classic
. It began in Columbus, Ohio in 1969 and was the first major commercial online service in the U.S. until it was over taken by AOL. Introduced E-mail to users and various forums such as sports, electronic gadgets, photography, etc. But the downfall was that it was unable to operate as an internet service provider and services were unable to be taken offline (
Information week,1
Early Systems....
website based systems...
Website based systems...
Website based systems...
Created in 1997, this social networking site was quite short lived as oppose to others. lasted on four years until it was sold in 2000 and later shutdown in 2001. The site allowed users to create a "circle of friends" by liking and disliking and users of similar interest would fill up "rings" based on how close they are. (Simon, 11)
Myspace.com was established in 2003. Founders of this site include: Tom Anderson, Chris DeWolfe, and Josh Berman. The site was once a huge success with more than 125 million users. But later in 2008, the site experienced a major downfall as more and more users stopped returning and other interests in the site has fallen. This was soon after Facebook had taken the lead in social networking site. Like any other social networking site, MySpace allowed users to create online profiles, connect with friends, and stream many pages. (Crunchbase,13)
Important Sites of today
: Founded by Mark Zuckerberg on February 2004 as a social was originally created for fellow college students until he made it public on 2006. Allowed users to socialize, find friends, personalize their own data, etc. (Phillips Sarad, TheGuardian,
A brief History on Facebook,
24 July 2007) (14)

: an online social networking and micro blogging service that was founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass on March 2006. Allows users to "tweet" which are limited to 140 characters, and share their tweets, add and follow other users. (Crunchbase, company, twitter) (15)

: Founded by Reid Hoffman and launched on 2003. It was introduced a social networking site for professionals. Users are able to creat an online business profile, look into professional networks and companies, look into career opportunities, etc. (LinkedIn, Infographic) (16)
Creating an account for an online Social Network site
When creating an account for an online social network site, a person usually has to put in their personal information such as:
First/Last Name
Birth Date
A valid email address for back up
A user name
and then personalizing their profile.
Signing into an online social network site
After creating an account, users usually need to conform by signing into the email they provided. The returning user is then able to sign into their account with either the email address or user name they listed and the personal password they created, which allows them to log into their account.
Pros of Online Network Sites
Social networking sites allow the following:
Connect with friends, faculty, staff, colleagues, etc.
meet new friends
Create groups, events,fan pages
Stay connected with "friends"
Connect with companies and other business related personals for job offerings
Cons of Online Social Network Site
Users may provide too much information such as phone number, address, family info which can easily be used by identity thefts.
Other disadvantages are users are prone to social predators especially young users and students. Also providing photos that can be easily shared or saved.
Changes in the site can also alter and change/delete some information.
Early profile based system...
Early profile based systems...
Friendster.com was founded by Jonathan Abrams in 2002. Another social networking site which was a huge deal until it was overtaken by MySpace. The site is free for users who want tot register and create their own profile where they can express their own interests, likes, dislikes, and share their photos.B ut over the years Friendster was unable to hold its stand and failed to capitalize.(About us, 12)
Early Profile Based systems...
Early Profile Based Systems...
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Early Systems...
Early systems...
Early systems...
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