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Jason King

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of OSSLT Prep

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
More Tips
- If you don’t understand a word – look for the root, or the context (phrases before and after the word) to figure it out. Don’t give up.
- Make links between the reading and your experiences.
- Never leave a blank.
- Guess, star it then come back to it later.
What kind of questions will I have to answer?
- Multiple choice questions
- Open response questions (short answer – a few lines)
What will I have to read?
Selections include
- An information paragraph
- A news report
- A dialogue
- A real-life narrative
- Graphic text or a brochure (maps, schedules, charts or graphs)
Reading Skills Tested
- Understanding directly (explicitly) stated ideas and information
- Understanding indirectly (implicitly) stated ideas and information
- Making connections between information and ideas in a reading selection and personal knowledge and experience.
Tips for answering these questions
- Read the questions FIRST. You need a purpose for reading.
- Skim the selection, then read it more carefully.
- Highlight key points, sections or vocabulary that may help you to answer the question.
Writing Task Examples
Multiple Choice Questions
- The same tips apply as for reading.
- Read the question carefully.
- Eliminate obviously wrong answers.
- Reread the question if necessary.
- Never leave a blank.
- Guess, star, then go back when you have time.
Opinion Piece Reminders
- Read the topic and decide on your opinion
- State your opinion at the beginning and argue it convincingly
- Use relevant facts and examples to support your opinion.
- Write at least three paragraphs – clearly show they are separate paragraphs.
- Proof-read
How will I be tested?
Long Writing Tasks (one in each booklet)
A news report
A series of paragraphs expressing an opinion

Multiple Choice Questions
What skills are tested?
- Developing a main idea with enough details to make the idea clear to the reader
- Organizing information in a logical way
- Using conventions such as spelling, grammar and punctuation so that writing can be easily read.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a creative writing test.
Writing Skills
News Report Reminders
- Look at the picture
- Make up information and facts to answer Who? What? Where? When? Why?
- Use the inverted pyramid style
- Write for an adult audience
- Include a quotation from a “reliable” source
- Use third person (he, she, they, etc.)
- Proof-read your work.
Be respectful of other students and staff both in the room and on your test paper. There is a time and a place to make your displeasure known regarding this test. Giving the supervising teachers a hard time on the morning of the test will accomplish nothing and help no one.
Your teachers cannot help you with the test.

You cannot communicate with other students
in any way
during the testing period. If you are finished early, recheck your work or quietly rest.
Listen to the instructions read from the inside cover of the test booklet. Follow them EXACTLY.
Manage your time
- You have 75 minutes for each booklet.
- Don’t spend too much time on one multiple choice question. You can always go back to it within the 75 minutes.
- Once the first session is over, you cannot have Booklet #1 back.

You will have only 15 minutes for a break. Be back on time. You will not get any extra time at the end.
You will receive all your materials in a sealed plastic bag with your name and the last 6 numbers of your bar code.When your teacher asks you, check that all your materials are present and that everything matches up.
Bring pens and pencils with you – and a highlighter if you want to. Use only HB pencil or blue or black pen in the test booklet and on the Student Answer Sheet.
You will not be given extra time if you are late.
We cast the runes, read the tea leaves and have determined the best possible location for each of you to write the test. See sheet.
You Will Need to Unplug
- No book bags, coats or materials other than pens or pencils are allowed in the rooms.
- No cell phones, ipods, email or text- messaging devices are allowed in the rooms.
- You must stay in the room during the testing period.
- Thursday March 31st, 2016
- Arrive in your room at 8:10 a.m. sharp
- Find your seat and listen to instructions
- Session 1: Booklet #1 – 75 minutes
- Break – 15 minutes
- Session 2: Booklet #2 – 75 minutes
- You will be finished by lunch.
Any questions?
Reading Skills
Feature / Benefit
This is an old sales trick that works well for opinion pieces.
Opinion without feature or benefit...
We shouldn't have to wear school uniforms.
Well, yeah. Okay. Fine. But why?
Opinion supported by feature...
We shouldn't have to wear school uniforms because it will erode our sense of identity.
Opinion fully supported by feature and benefit...
We shouldn't have to wear school uniforms because it erodes our sense of individuality and at this critical stage of our development, during which we are carving a sense of self as it exists away from parental authority figures, such interference could do irreparable psychological harm. So, if you don't want to be responsible for my enormous therapy bill twenty years from now, you best back off with the khakis and golf shirts!
Ah, okay. Now we're getting somewhere. But wait; so what if it does? You've told me a fact but not the consequences of that fact. Lame.
Now imagine you've done this three times with three different reasons, each fully elaborated upon with a bulletproof chain of reasoning. That's a supported opinion piece.
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