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period 7 Morrow

No description

maryann carroll

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of period 7 Morrow

Why Can't Horses Burp?
Horses can neither vomit nor eruct*, for they have a cardiac sphincter muscle.
There are many breeds of horses.
The Arabian Horse
A prehistoric breed of horse, the Arabian, that was first discovered in the Middle-East, probably with the Hittites of Anatolia and Syria is said to be first created in the rule of King David of Israel.
The Tennessee Walking Horse
A slight, enjoyment and display horse called the Tennessee Walking horse has a unique feature. It is the only horse that can put its hind foot in front of its forward one's print.
The Shetland Pony
A tiny race of horse that was first bred on Scotland's Shetland Islands is, of course, the Shetland pony.
Here are two rare occasions where horses burp
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Horses and bunnies are not able to retch nor belch.
A cardiac sphincter is a ring of muscle fibers that close a passage.
This is a Tennessee Walking horse.
This is a Tennessee Walking horse.
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