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Copy of SFC CLP Talk 1

No description

Gio Cal

on 3 August 2016

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Transcript of Copy of SFC CLP Talk 1

Situation in the W-O-R-L-D today
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
no need load
just call my name
HE never abandoned us.
HE wants to bring us all back to HIMSELF
What is GOD telling me?

Personal Level
Everyone agrees that something major is needed to correct the situation in the world.
Man's various efforts
to improve the world
are not succeeding.
Gender & deficiency
Man-made religions
(proposed solutions)
Man is not succeeding because all these efforts are based on man's wisdom.
What is the way of God?
Does God have a plan for bringing us out of our confusion and disorder?
What God creates is good.
God created
man in His
Talk 1
God's Love
God's love
Social injustice
Transcendental Meditation
New Age
Original sin
To communicate the truth that GOD loves us & has a plan for our welfare.
Confusion & disorder are not in accordance with God's plan.
Ugliness & sin in people's lives today are not in accordance wth God's will.
Disruption in our relationship with God is our doing, not as God intends.
Things did not turn out according to God's plan. Original sin entered the picture. And from then, man continued to turn against God and his ways.
Even if God punished man,
Adam & Eve
Abel & Cain
God is not indifferent nor distant. He is someone who loves us and interested in having a personal relationship with us. He is interested in the details of our daily lives.
To restore our fellowship & intimacy with him.
This is God's plan. An expression of His love. He wants a world to be a place of peace, justice & happiness. A place in which He would reign.
can God's plan happen
We need to turn to God's wisdom & point of view.
Satan is real!
On our own, we cannot overcome satan.
On our own strength, we cannot overcome the challenges in our Christian life.
He is a spiritual being more powerful than Satan.
He is the vine from which we draw life, strength & power.
Christ is the fullness of God's love.
In Him, we experience God's love and plan for restoration can begin to happen.
What do we need to do?
1. we need to simply accept Jesus as Lord & Savior.
1. God loves us.
2. God sent Jesus his own Son.
In Jesus we are saved and restored to our relationship with God, with the fullness of life He intended.
The choice is ours: to live in darkness, slave of Satan, or to live in the Kingdom of God, life of freedom, dignity, peace & happiness.
I would rather live my life
as if there is a God,
and die to find out there isn't,
than live my life as if there isn't,
and die to find out there is.
Accept Jesus and the salvation that he brings. Let us begin to truly experience God's love
What is needed is God's wisdom & ways.
God has done His part.
Simon Peter
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