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Karl 2

No description

Karl O'Hanlon

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of Karl 2

Business Performance
Plan 2016
Know how your role has a place in the business
Be the go-to people in your region for strategical support
Positively impact KPIs
Spend time analysing not reporting

What is the benefit of improving a KPI?

Deep analysis on any poor performing indicators to understand root cause

Present results to senior management
Be Proactive
Spend time to innovate in order to find new ways of working
Meet deadlines
Understand the financial benefit or impact of your work
Increased communications from central teams

Fortnightly Updates from each BPM team

Cross regional working on specific projects
(similar to System Usage, Customer Service KPIs, etc.)
5 learning days per year
Internal & External Courses available
Introduction of Learning Agreements
Centralised Reporting
Reduction on local reports
Reduce Duplication
Before you start . . .

Has someone done this before? If not . . .
Is there something similar already created and is it needed in a certain format? If not . . .
Can you make it generic for other managers to use?
Move to tabular models
Project Life Cycle
Project Life Cycle

When working on a project, ensure that you are involved in all elements
Define scope
Understand benefit (tangible and intangible)
Gather requirements & agree logic
Solve, Review & Test
Ensure project is rolled out effectively
Measure the success
2016 Objectives
To use the power of location to influence strategic growth and transformation within the business
Build generic models for both municipal and commercial re-routes
Create common templates in order to model various scenarios
Reduce project time to 3 days
GIS Analysis Portal
Develop analytics for all commercial depots
Rollout functionality in Municipal
Measure the success and achieve a customer satisfaction score of 85%
Focus this to improve key performance indicators in the business
Commercial Sales App
Build an app for sales staff in order for them to target customers in correct areas on correct days

Build logic in order to dynamically price customers based on location, service and frequency of collection
Location of the Business
Commercial Depots
Site Planning
Subcontracted Waste
Answer location based assumptions
Business Development
National Database
Gather standardised metrics from each borough.

Obtain open source databases that will enrich our operational data

The ability to apply operational knowledge of one location to an area with no operational data using a best fit solution
Automated Resource Models
Collections Resource Model
Street Cleansing Resource Model
Finance Model Input
To create dynamic models that allow the business to bid municipal tenders at a competitive and responsible price.
2016 Objectives
To measure and understand the true cost of our fleet and provide data insight in order to minimise our cost
Understand Maintenance Costs
Understand the cost of maintenance per vehicle over its lifespan

Create a matrix of all vehicle types in Tranman and ensure that each is measured accurately going forward
Increase Fuel Efficiency
Implement a fuel efficiency project nationally

Identify the key metrics that can affect mpg and create a system that can measure these per driver per day
Workshop Business Processes
Identify and document all current business processes within a workshop
Redefine process where necessary
Create a report that measures the compliance of the business processes.
Fleet Maintenance
Reduce Fleet Maintenance costs by 10%
National Sales
2016 Objectives
To grow our commercial business intelligently and increase our customer retention
Commercial Tenders
Incorporate GIS into our tenders
Automate process where possible
Sales Commission Scheme
Use Net Revenue from WIMS
Automate process
Increase Customer Retention
Identify reasons for lost customers
Understand the financial impact of losing a customer
Create an improvement plan per commercial business
Sales KPIs
What are the KPIs for Sales?

Introduce a measure and a scheme that will improve on these
Business Performance
Financial Penalty Reduction
Reduce financial penalties by 25%

Forecast and report versus actual
Business Improvement Plan
Created for each municipal contract
Created for Commercial Regionally
Spread best practice
Municipal Tabular Model
Support with development

Define logic per contract
Dynamic Sales Matrix
Create a sales matrix that is calculated from ELEMOS and Agora
ELEMOS Rollout
Support the business in rolling out new software ensuring that all business processes are followed
New Developments
Work alongside operations in order to create business cases for new technology to improve the business
Customer Service KPIs
Achieve 90% customer service scores
System Usage
Achieve >= 90% Yearly Average for Commercial

Achieve 90% for Municipal
Municipal KPIs
Fully automate monthly reports
Strong correlation with finance
Monthly Management Report
Drill down to round level

Support the regional strategies while providing local analysis and data insights in order to improve the operational efficiency and reduce the operational costs of the business
Bin deliveries
Strike Rate
Rescheduled Jobs
Credit Notes
Driving Performance
Identifying opportunities
Developing solutions
Deploying solutions
Measure compliance
Measure success
ANPR Solution
Automatic Number Plate Recognition

@ Leeds RERF
Customer Retention
SPSS Model to identify customers at risk

Understand each individual solution
Service Improvements
Existing Muncipal
New Municipal Contracts
Commercial Depots
Regional Wasteflow

Create a regional wasteflow that allows the operations to dynamically manage their bunker levels at each disposal site to ensure optimal use of the facility
Internet Of Things
force, load, torque, and pressure
sensors that can sniff out gas and chemicals
sensors that can hear sound vibrations and distinguish between different acoustics
sensors that can take temperatures, detect motion, velocity, and displacement
identify position, presence, and proximity.
We have sensors that can measure:
In other words, we have the ability to gather virtually unlimited intelligence in real time.
Material Sales
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