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Leadership Skills project - Group 3

No description

Claire Lafeber

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Skills project - Group 3

"How do you say Steve Jobs in Chinese?"
Leadership Beyond Business Principles

Jack Ma's Success Story
What Makes Him So Successful?
Socially Responsible Value Driven Leadership
"Change is the best plan...... but you need to remember the direction"
-Jack Ma

"How do you say Steve Jobs in Chinese?"
Great Big Vision
•To become one of the
Top 10
internet companies in the world (realized !)

•Vision to make his company last for
more than 100 years

•Believed in the potential of the internet to
make doing business easier
before almost anyone in China
Transformational Leadership Style
1999 - 2001

December 27th, 2001, Alibaba became the
world’s best B2B e-commerce website
with more than
1 million registered members
. Two years later, the goal of 1 million RMB in daily income was realized.
, a C2C website and
creating a business 'ecosystem'.

2004- Alibaba distinguished itself as the only import-export website ever to win
Forbes “Best of the Web” Award
four years in a row.


Value of the company was roughly at
$26 billion USD

More than
5 million registered users.
January 2013- Alibaba
Yearly Gross Merchandise value of e-Bay and Amazon combined with $170 billion USD.

Company is currently valued at
$120 billion USD.

largest online B2B trading platform
for SMEs in the world (over 40 million SMEs)

Created 1 million jobs,
2.28 million indirect jobs

people from rural areas
to buy and sell things online
Inspirational motivation
HIS VISION: inspire his employees, create a vision and a purpose for them
Idealized influence
HIS VISION: be a role model for his company, by modeling its values and its ethics
Individualized consideration
HIS VISION: treat employees with respect, consider them as more than task performers
Intellectual stimulation
HIS VISION: help his employees answer their own questions
June 1999-
website was
with $60, 000 USD.
Main Achievements
"Do any business, forget making money. Think about creating value for society."
- Jack Ma
$170 Billion
$95 Billion
$70 Billion
"Change is the best plan...."
-Jack Ma
Keep Leadership Fresh
At the peak of success, with 40 Billion in revenue the year before, Jack Ma decided to
step down as CEO from Alibaba
which is in the midst of launching one of the biggest IPOs in the world.

•Believes that change is best initiated by
young people

•Believes that a good leader needs to
, to constantly
renew his vision
•Believes that leader needs to think
out of the box
Value Driven Companies
Firms need to
put their values first
. Otherwise they run the risk of becoming like cars filled with gas with nowhere to go.
Alibaba = help SME's
With increased employment and better margins the extra wealth for employees is
diffused into families
With a higher standard of living families are
better off
and can engage in addressing other social problems.
Solve a Social Problem
Businesses first need to ask how they can help society and
focus on clear social values
. Solve a problem first and then the opportunity will come.
Jack Ma wants to help SMEs by
making their ability to do business easier
. He doesn't focus on big companies.
How to put values first
How can we help people?
Solve a Social Problem
Jack Ma views business as a
to solve social problems.
10 Million is capital, but a 100 million is societies resources. Big money is essentially 'gifted' by society to make the most efficient use of it.
#sleepypandas #ualberta
Values Get Challenged
In 2011 Jack Ma was let an entire department go for allowing
counterfeit goods
to be sold through his company.
Socially Responsible Value Driven Leadership
Democracy in China
Jack Ma created an philanthropic fund inside Alibaba that is run by employees. The employees are chosen through free elections help across the entire company. Jack Ma wanted to have his employees practice democracy in China as an important skill.
Jack Ma believes in the value of air and water quality as important foundations for society. In 2010 he decided to donate 3% of annual revenue from Alibaba to the environment. (3% of 40 billion!!!)

Alibaba Group's Timeline
But what do his employees say?
But do the employees agree?
"That's true!"
"He's right!"
Environmental Protection
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Thank You!

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