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Prezi to dicuss the meaning and application of the term in creative media

Scott Hayden

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Mise-en-scene

'The setting of the stage'
Telling the story with images
First used by critics in Les Cahiers du Cinéma, an influential French film journal, in the 1950s, mise en scène focuses on what can be seen in the picture.
Colour (present in both production design and lighting)
Actors’ performance (including casting and make up) and movement (blocking)

Watch the following sequence and write down a short answer to the following:

• How does the sequence create meaning through mise-en-scene?

Discuss in groups before composing your video/ audio/ written response on your Google Drive
MISE-EN-SCENE is all about the way a story is communicated to the audience using the following 4 elements...
Set Design
Framing including position; depth of field; aspect ratio; height and angle (but not movement)

In teams of 3 you are to construct a TV Title sequence for a new show that includes elements of mise-en-scene to portray one of the following narratives:

A stressed worker is being pushed to the edge by the Boss

An undercover student tries to infiltrate the drugs gang that has taken over the college

A cool, detached and isolated student plans his move against the person who stole his lover

Remember to use as much Colour, Production Design, Actors, Lighting, Location, and Framing as possible to tell your story.
Lesson Objectives

Understand and analyse the key media term 'mise-en-scene'

In groups, created a mise-en-scene for a given scenario
Back lighting
High-key lighting
Low-key lighting
CHIAROSCURO (key-ah-oh-scur-roo)

A lighting technique that uses both light and dark on the face of the subject

Sometimes used to suggest duality/ two sides to a character (e.g. Film Noir)
Remember to think carefully about your location when constructing the mise-en-scene for your Music Video
Create a Doc in your Google Drive

Please tell me where you have seen good set design (use of props, colour, framing to tell a story)

Maybe post a pic/ screen-grab
(Press CMD and SHIFT and 4 to draw around what you want to snap)

Gordon Willis - Great Cinematographer known as the Prince of Darkness was critically acclaimed for being able to 'paint with light'

Please get in to pairs - a DESCRIBER and an ARTIST
The DESCRIBER must find an image from a TV show or Film.
The ARTIST must look away
The DESCRIBER must use articulate to the ARTIST the scene in as much detail as possible
The ARTIST must draw the scene on the whiteboard in silence
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