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Battle Of Yorktown FINISHED

Social Studies and Computer Ed project on the Battle of Yorktown.

Griffin Wissinger

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Battle Of Yorktown FINISHED

The Battle Of Yorktown By Griffin Wissinger The battle of Yorktown was fought in Yorktown Virginia The French, The Americans and the British fought in this battle. This is a picture of the American forces during the Revolutionary War storming the redoubt in the battle of Yorktown. The generals of that battle The Americans The Americans had General George Washington The British The British had General Lord Cornwallis The French The French had General Lieutenant Rochambeau And mustered approximately 8,800 troops in his army! And had approximately 6,000 troops! And had approximately 7,800 troops! What each army was wore. The Americans The British The French The Americans were equipped with Blue coats if they were Infantry and Militia men wore rough clothing. The British wore red coats (Hence the term used by the Americans "Red Coats") and also wore bearskin caps, leather hats and tricorne hats. The french that were on foot wore white coats, and also wore different hats. The some of the regiments of those armies. The British Tarletons Legion Simcoe's Legion North Carolina Loyalists The French Lauzun's Legion Agenois Regiment of Foot Bourbonnois Regiment of Foot The Americans 4th Dragoons 1st Pennsylvania Regiment 1st New York Regiment Work Cited http://www.britishbattles.com/battle-yorktown.htm http://militaryhistory.about.com/od/americanrevolutio1/p/yorktown.htm The Americans and French won this battle. A reenactment of the British Surrender at Yorktown.
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