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Our Schedules, Our Selves

No description

Li Viviane Yuen Wei

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Our Schedules, Our Selves

Do you guys have part-time jobs?
- Introduction
- Comparing with the research and the case in Hong Kong
Our Schedules, Our Selves
Present by: Kwok Sze Wah, Sylvia 13637568
Lee Cheuk Wing, Charlotte 13639056
Leung Ka Hei, Dawn 13639714
Li Viviane Yuen Wei 13631217
Sin Wing Man, Kate 13643096
Tai Ching Yu, Renay 13631195
Thought and Writing 1
By Jay Walljasper, Utne magazine
- Conclusion
There are three main point in the passage of “Our Schedule, Our selves”
The first main point is :
-There is no pause before they do everything

-Even there is no spare time for them to go to the washroom which
will make them late for their next round activity

-Routine of their daily life
Fully packed timetable
The second main point is :
New technology instill
expectations of instantaneous actions
- Workload increased

- Working on non-business hour
The third main point is :
Cultural effect
e.g. Rescuing parents in Hong Kong
- Summary of the essay
Our Schedules, Our Selves
A research from the Monash University
Technology has increased
workloads and not productivity

e.g. Smartphones and laptops

Working for your boss
anytime and anywhere
Comparison :
The case in Hong Kong
Banking and Finance

Insurance seller

Real estate

Commercial serviceman

In average there are
one-third of the employees work more than 8 hours
Useless under the strong
technology connection

Increased the working hour
of the workers

Working at non- business hour

Five-day week
Comparison :
The case in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the champion of the ranking of average working hour over the world
9.7 working hours per day

Poor family relationships
Comparison :
The case in Hong Kong
“From the minute we rise in the morning, most of us have our day charted out.
The only surprise is if we actually get everything done that we had planned before collapsing into bed at night.”
Increasing numbers of
North Americans
become virtual slaves
to their schedules.
People got every single moment of their day scheduled
They are not leading their own life but following
a dizzying timetable
The reason why people become slaves to their schedule
The rapid growth of
our globalized economy.
chief culprit of
the stressful and busy life
the decline of people's over wages and working conditions
people at the lowest position of the socioeconomic ladder suffers the most
work 2 or more jobs, unable to pay the bills
they often feel out of control about everything happening to them
The reason why people become slaves to their schedule
even successful professionals feels the pinch
Doctors have impossibly crowded schedules
The onslaught of new technology
instead to make our life more convenience and
cause the opposite effect,
they fuel the trend that every minute must be accounted for
- The reason why people
become slaves to their schedule
How much time do you spend on talking with your parents or even family members since you are studying at AD?
Did you work over-time?
Do you want five-day working week (NO OT!!!!!!)WHY?
we view time as just another mechanical
In our industrialized, fast-paced society,
instrument to be programmed
according to their own patterns is perhaps
Keeping in mind that our days expand and contract
the best way to help keep time on your side.
the expanded choice of
cultural offerings and the liberating sense that each of us can fully play a number of different social roles (worker, citizen, lover, parent, artist etc.) has opened up enriching and exciting opportunities
Our own human desire for more choices and new experiences
The reason why people become slaves to their schedule
The reason why people become slaves to their schedule
The traditional chinese culture:
People always say YES
They don't know how to refuse their boss/friends
- Suggestion
Suggestion :
Never put off till tomorrow,
what you can do today

Try to say
to others according to your ability

Turn your mobile into vibrate when you're working

Have good time management !!!!
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