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21st Century Classroom

No description

Samantha Morra

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of 21st Century Classroom

21st Century Classroom Initial
Vision Classroom of the Future 21st Century Learning Environment Vision Takes
Shape The Real Work
Begins Design a 21st century learning environment to engage students and develop active learners who can communicate, collaborate and create in the digital age. What do we need from the room?
Versatility Learning Anytime Anywhere Ubiqitous Technology The promise of ubiquitous technology is full personalization of the educational experience, which cannot be provided by the traditional combination of textbooks, and teachers who lecture to the whole class. The only way to leave no children behind is to engage them exactly where they are, enabling them to work at their individual paces -- including accelerated paces -- by providing the required tools, knowledge, and resources in the language, complexity, and capacity that are most beneficial.

The Ubiquitous-Technology Dream: The Importance of Tech in Education — Edutopia
http://www.edutopia.org/ubiquitous-technology-dream What would we see?

Student driven learning
Project based learning
Authentic Learning
Students as creators of content not just consumers

Collaboration area for staff
Training area for district staff
Meeting area for district and school organizations “Pedagogy is not driven by the furniture layout.” Where? Classroom of the Future 21st Century Learning Environment Technology Learning Commons A Room Transforms Staff/Student Introduction
Curriculum Design
Staff Development Multimedia Authoring TV Production Mobile Technology Interactivity Skyping with Experts Financial Literacy Summer Program Teachers working with students
to discover new things
about the world
and about themselves. Video Conferencing http://tinyurl.com/21CentClassroom This classroom will focus on meeting New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and building 21st century skills. They will have to know how to think critically, apply knowledge to new situations, analyze information, understand new ideas, communicate effectively, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions. They also need to be creators of content not just consumers. High productivity, digital literacy, multimedia authoring and interactive communication are skills that will ensure that our students can leverage the power of technology to become active and successful citizens. How Can We Make
Every Classroom a
21st Century Classroom ? After the Grand Opening Remembering What It Is Really About
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